NKOTB Cruise 2020: The Very Last Update

Sad? Relief? Heartbroken for sure.

As we did for the first update, let’s break down this second update taking a deep breath and – above all – knowing that this decision was made (with love) for our safety.

There is one thing for sure; even though the word “canceled” or “postponed” doesn’t appear on NKOTB’s statement, the cruise is not going to set sail.

Here are the questions you may have, and the answers.

Will I Receive an Email With Specific Information?

Yes. NKOTB wrote: “If you are currently booked on the 2020 Cruise you will be receiving an email from Rose Tours shortly providing some specific information about the status of the cruise. We have been working very closely with our team and Rose Tours to ensure that first and foremost- your personal needs are considered- and acted on-during this time.”

Is There Going to Be Another Cruise?

Apparently, no. NKOTB said, “There is currently no way to set plans for when the cruise can be rescheduled with 100% clarity and the guarantee of your health and safety.” They also said, “we do not currently have a rescheduled date

Will I Receive a Refund?

Apparently, yes. NKOTB wrote, “(…) we are very happy to let you know that Rose Tours has committed that each of you will receive a full refund on the cruise. (…) we feel that it is important for your money to not be held during this critical time. (…)”

Bear in mind that they add, “The email from Rose Tours will lay out the specific details of receiving your refund if this applies to you and will include a customer service phone number in case you need any additional information about the process.”

Is My Spot Going to be Considered for a Future Cruise?

Yes! They said, “a system is being created so that when and if a cruise event is announced in the future, anyone who had a room booked will have first dibs at a cabin of similar status.”

A Message from Your Sister? Don’t You Fucking Dare Stop Believing

I get you. I can feel you crying your eyes out feeling your soul has been ripped out from your chest. I know the feeling.

But please, know this: I was born as a Blockhead in the 80s in Argentina, where I prayed every-single-night for years to meet them… and then they split in 1994. I was crushed; but I thought, “one day; one day”… and that day, came countless times.

In 1999 I met Jordan when he released his solo album in Argentina; and in the same year I met Joey for the same reason. How-about-that!

Was it over? Hell no! They freaking reunited in 2008! and I kept thinking, “one day; one day”, and then they visited Argentina in 2012… and I met them all… I hugged every single one of them and thought, “OMG, they are REAL.”

And then I went on my first cruise in 2013 and when it ended, when Donnie said goodbye and left the Lido Deck, I had the biggest ADHD meltdown of all times; many Blockheads came to comfort me and I kept saying, “I live in the ass of the world; It’s so expensive… I don’t know if I’ll ever see them again.”

Do you know what happened after that? Life happened; God happened; and I saw them every single year; on 2016 I even got sick of Joey making me cry with “Please Don’t Go Girl.” That year I saw them in Coney Island (Brooklyn); in the Mixtape Festival; on the cruise in New Orleans and under the rain in NYC on November 15.

Cry. Mourn this loss but bear in mind – know for sure in your heart – that if you truly believe, it will happen for you… and it will happen in ways you’ve never imagined. Check out my Instagram and make it yours; do NOT EVER stop believing. Dream on

With all my “amor” and virtual hugs,



To read the full NKOTB statement visit https://www.nkotb.com/news/title/important-cruise-update-2