Wanna Cruise? Awesome! The NKOTB Cruise XI is Happening!

These great news come in 2×1: there is going to be an NKOTB Cruise XI and, for the first time, we’ll have more than a year to start planning.

In case you missed it (on Twitter, on Facebook, in your inbox!) the NKOTB Cruise XI is happening, but… not this year: there is not going to be an NKOTB cruise 2019. At NKOTB’s Official Website, we can read that the guys have been waiting “to find a way to return the cruise to its original Spring-time period”.

And they said, “Since we will already be spending this coming Spring and Summer hanging out with all of you on the Mixtape Tour, we’ve decided that this is the perfect opportunity to begin the process of making plans to give everyone a reset, and prepare to set sail on our next cruise in the Spring of 2020.”

How cool is this! If you were going crazy doing your math, thinking about the tour and the “are we cruising this year or not”, now you can relax and enjoy this Mixtape Tour to the fullest, with plenty of time to start saving for the cruise. Plenty! And the themes? They’ll be announced next month! (*)

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(*) Like really? You’re such a Blockhead 😛