NKOTB Cruise 2020 Theme Nights! How to Start Planning

You’re counting the days for the time of your life and you need to start getting ready, now! Good news are: you have at least two nights to plan!

Waiting for the announcement of the theme nights, is another part of this new wonderful adventure; the surprise is one more moment of celebration and … you gotta wait for it! But the BH in you is not going to survive the wait unless there’s something to start packing. So, let’s give that BH something to hold on to 😛

When Will the Theme Nights Be Announced? 

NKOTB usually sends an e-mail with the list of the four theme nights, a month before the cruise (except for the last cruise, when they announced it with months in advanced!)

How to Get Ready for the Theme Nights

There are two Theme Nights you can expect and which you can start getting ready for: the theme for the first night and the one for greatest party you’ll ever have. 

  • For the first night, start thinking about a formal outfit (nice dress or suit; no matter the theme, you’ll always be able to tweak it with accessories)

Special (humble) advice for the ladies: forget about the high heels and put some blink on your flip flops or your favorite sneakers; the floor is going to be slippery (very), and you’ll want to jump all night without breaking a leg or asking every human soul on the boat for a band-aid; right?

  • For the last night, which is always the GPS night, think about what you wanna show regarding where you belong: your city, your country, your fav sport team, a cause you support! and you’ll have your GPS outfit.

The GPS night, is something truly, truly special; reminiscing about the ones I’ve been to, still gives me the goosebumps. If you got some sleep during the cruise, this is the night you won’t sleep at all; the party usually last until the ship gets to the port and you’ll find yourself singing to the top of your lungs in a sea of costumes showing cultures from all over the world. It-is-amazing.

So, get ready to show your colors! Get in touch with fans from your city or country, or those whom share your love for a sport team, even a cause!

You can start getting ready now! 

Excited? Yes! How are you going to do it? Do you need to find a group of fans to join? Comments are open! You’re gonna have a blast!