NKOTB Day 2022. Special Edition

What a day! We’ve been preparing for this since Alexa gave us a hint; the plan was to turn social media into a Block Party, exchange love and gifts, but so much more happened!

In case you missed it, here’s our journal.

That One First Hint

The guys started the celebrations with a notepad for us to fill our story, saying, “How long have you been a #Blockhead! Show us how long you’ve been rocking your #BHLove. We’ve been winning these GAMES since 1984!”

Little we knew, “Games” in caps was a hint for an upcoming surprise…

Give Aways

At 11PM ET, NKOTB gave us the first surprise: gifts with NKOTB merchandise every two hours.

An hour later, Donnie Wahlberg let us know #NKOTBday was trending on Twitter.

Games! Live From Fenway Park

At 2PM ET, NKOTB unveiled the hint the posted on their first tweet of the day: they had publish their performance of “Games” at Fenway Park, on their YouTube Channel.

Interview: Danny Wood on HLNTV

New Kids, Live!

Joey McIntyre From the Paper Mill Playhouse

Since Joey needed to work on NKOTB’s tour between shows, he hesitated about greeting the fans between shows; but then, he made up his mind.

Donnie, Jordan and Jon, Live from Wahlburgers

The happiest unexpected surprise on this NKOTB day!

Messages from the Team

Kevin Maher posted a clip from the last rehearsals, with the New Kids on the Block signing to him Happy Birthday. (Kevin’s birthday is on December 24th, btw)

Marcello Ambriz chose to get in front of the camera this time 😂

Sunny Walters wrote an emotional letter attached to gorgeous memories she made with the guys throughout all these years.

Pam Chu said on her IG stories they are “cooking something good” for us (we know!!)

We send our love and prayers to Stacy, whose dad passed away last Thursday 🙏🏻💞

And I Did a Story too 🤗…

NKOTB The Blog, Highlights, 4/24/22

Wrapping it Up

Happy NKOTB – most epic – day!