Happy NKOTB Day 2023!

While the boys are in The Bahamas, making sure that we know it but without adding another word, the NKOTB Day 2023 celebrations started at exactly 00.00 hs ET Time.

Shall we? Step by Step!

Step 1: Post Your Memory

Instructions about the Mega Prize Bundle you can win, have been posted here.

Step 2: Grab the Logo

NKOTB encouraged us to add the commemorative logo to our posts, on an IG post…

Right click and download this *.png version (without background 😉)

Step 3: Get Some Appetizers

On Instagram you’ll find three cool appetizers to begin the day:

  • stickers
  • a filter
  • a profile pic

Step 4: Main Course

For the main course, the guys have really stepped up with a buffet of videos on YouTube.

Here’s the playlist:

Step 5: Enjoy Your Dessert

Choose your music streaming service from https://stem.ffm.to/philly2022 or listen below with Apple Music or Spotify, this selection of songs from the Live Concert Film.