NKOTB documentary by Elijah Wahlberg: First Look

We know this talented young man is working on a documentary about the New Kids On Block, and he answered to every Blockhead’s prayer by sharing on his Instagram account a first look of his work.

I am excited, most certainly just like you. As a blogger, I’ve been daydreaming about following NKOTB during a whole tour so I can blog about it, and tell what happens through a Blockhead eyes… But to watch this through the eyes of one of their sons, this is something that even those who aren’t Blockheads will appreciate.

And to all the Blockheads out there, here it is!

Update: 09/01/17

Original link https://www.instagram.com/p/BXrzZWrhn2E/ has been deleted

Well… It seems like Dad cannot wait!