NKOTB’s Father’s Day Family Album

Did you wonder how the New Kids managed to celebrate father’s day while on tour?  Here’s your answer and the family album of the day.

It was all carefully planned: Father’s Day for the New Kids On The Block, was a day off during the Mixtape Tour, and they seized it with their children.

Danny took their daughters to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and shared it on Instagram.

Joey traveled to Boston to see their children, and to visit his father for the first time since he passed last year. Regarding Kira, Rhys and Griffin, he said, “I got fake flowers, a plastic margarita glass and a card for a step-dad. “Kids!” Best of all, I got to be with them today!!!” 

Later, regarding his dad, he wrote, “One more for #FathersDay – I’m the little guy on the left, my bro is on the right and my dad, Tom the Bomb, is the biggie in the middle. Went to his grave today for the first time since he passed in November. But you weren’t there, Dad- just the vessel you came in. You are always with me. Simple as that. ‘I love ya the whole wide world.’”

Donnie saluted on Twitter, “To the many fathers I’ve been seeing on tour, with their wives and kids, and to the many many fathers holding down the fort while their spouses come out to the #MixTapeTour — Thank you!  Today is your day! #HappyFathersDay” 

And on Instagram, he shared pictures with their sons and wrote, “#HappyFathersDay to the millions of other lucky guys (like myself) who have the honor of calling themselves a dad and sharing in the most important responsibility that a man will ever have in his lifetime — fatherhood. Keep doing your very best! It will always be good enough! #HappyFathersDay”

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