Join the #Blockdown2020: NKOTB Road to the Final Four

Forget about the board games, Pinterest ideas to knit and cook; forget about the coronavirus! Join NKOTB and the BH fam on this fun game that starts on Monday.

How did the game start? What did Donnie say to Jill on their phone call? How to play? Let’s break it down!

How the Game Started

It all began when Jill (@ChicknInFLA) posted on Twitter, “Hey @NKOTB fans, with no March Madness this year, let’s play our own game of #NKOTBMadness. Which song makes it to the #FinalFour in the first bracket?”

Blockheads started to play, and Donnie Wahlberg – who doesn’t miss a thing – took the game to a next level.

Donnie Talks to Jill

To make it official, Donnie called Jill to talked about her idea.

How to Play

Donnie talked live on Instagram to Joey (*) to explain how we’re going to play this game:

  1. Download this file and print it (to follow the results)
  1. Follow NKOTB on Twitter, where they’re going to share the polls
  2. Every day, cast your vote

Official voting begins Monday @ 10am EST on Twitter

(*) Live video is still available on Donnie’s Instagram. After 24hs, we’ll have it at the blog.