NKOTB in Concert 2020: Where And With Whom? You Name It

Freak out! Not only NKOTB and Donnie began asking about where and with whom the New Kids should perform this year, but also “the Knight” showed up!


Let us not forget: we saw this coming. Just a month ago, Donnie was with Jared in NYC “plotting and planning”, and they asked us to stay tuned; therefore, we could guess, this is it!

Yesterday afternoon, the New Kids began teasing about a concert and where should they play it; we all got pretty excited, but the exhilaration escalated to Jupiter when Jordan joined the fun. Were you online? Did you miss it? Let’s break it down!

3PM EST. NKOTB releases the first tweet

“In addition to the cruise, if we played only one concert this year, where should it be?” the guys asked, and a little bit of excitement began to grow. Ok, a lot; at light speed, my mind went to June 6, 2016 when the New Kids announced – after a Donnie and Jenny’s event for Generation Rescue – that they were also going to play a once in a lifetime concert at Coney Island on August 4th, when the Mixtape Festival was already in the books for August 6!

I remember that vividly because that was one of the worse days of my life, until that video (ICYDK: It was supposed to be my birthday, but I don’t have a birthday anymore; NOT kidding; keep on smilin’!) … It’s always them ????… Doesn’t it happen to you? It happened to me again yesterday!

7PM EST. Donnie Wahlberg Tweets, “And With Whom”

BH status: Freaking out! Now it wasn’t just a probable tease: something was actually being cooked in the captains’s kitchen (as we eventually saw)

Forty minutes later, Donnie was posting on his Instagram Stories a picture with the hashtag “NKOTB 2020” and the caption “Go big or go home”, with the sound of Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

Donnie Wahlberg / IG Stories, Jan 19, 2020

8PM EST. Jordan Knight Tweets


BH status: total madness. While BHs were going gaga about the appearance of the Knight, Donnie was posting a second story featuring Kevin Maher with some pretty amazing moves… Was the “go big or go home” related to new steps too? I am honestly afraid for our boys’ safety…

Donnie Wahlberg / IG Stories, Jan 19, 2020

11.29PM EST. Donnie Wahlberg With Jared Paul, in New York

Ok, first: “We are Happy Place,” got it; but “Cheers on Netflix”? What did I miss? Should we watch it? Second: if you’ve been following the blog, you know this image is the same one from December, but! This is just because yesterday Jared wasn’t “selfie ready” and the King of selfies was eager to spread some joy.

Is there anything left to say?… Oh yes… Confetti!!! ????????????