NKOTB Journal 17/46

NKOTB Journal. Nov 6 – 12, 2017


#OMG Danny Wood and Donnie Wahlberg, are in the the studio. It seems it’s going to be a Block Party!

Joey will be performing at the Garry Marshall Theatre, from Nov 22 to Dec 10. Read More and learn how to get tickets and discounts!

Weekly Dose

Living healthy with Danny Wood. Check out Danny’s workout of the week
Get inspired by Donnie Wahlberg. Check out Donnie’s quotes of the week

Plus… on social media

Caption This!

A BH, @KdubTheBlock, sent Donnie a picture of him with Reverend Run Wisdom and Run DMC, and asked him, “I gotta know what was going through your mind in this picture with @RevRunWisdom & @thekingdmc #RUNDMC”.
Donnie replied, “Something like “dear 14 year old self, you are actually kicking it with @OfficialRunDMC – dreams offically come true”. ’91”

Election Day in Boston

Danny Wood On Election Day Holding a t-shirt
Boston elected his major on Tuesday, and both Danny and Jonathan shared their enthusiasm for Marty Walsh and his second term. Danny posted a picture before the election, and Jon wrote after the winner was announced, “Congrats to Boston Mayor @marty_walsh on winning his second term!”

NKOTB in 280 characters

Everybody on Twitter is complaining about the need of an “edit button”; not the New Kids, no sir. They have their own things to say.

In one of his hilarious “after midnight tweets”, Jon made a good use of the new feature, “Dear mouse in my house… if we’re gonna share living space over the winter, please don’t run across the floor when I’m awake! Now I’m gonna have to trap you and put you back out in the cold barn. Better get a winter coat bitch!”

Donnie, on the other hand, revealed against the system: “I’m so not ok with #280characters. I’ve spent 9 years mastering #140character tweets and damnit — that’s what I’m gonna tweet. #140forever

After Midnight Tweets: Family Emojies and Burning The Sheets

Following Jon on Twitter guarantee you waking up LOL, because he likes to tweet after midnight (US and LATAM time). For those in Europe, they get to laugh first! This week we had two jewels:

Looking for a book for your kids? Joey has one to recommend

Written by Madeleine Sherak, one of Joey’s family friends, “Super Heroes Club” is about “Lily” and his friends, empowering each other to be superheroes by giving back to their community and other children in need 😉 Find it at https://www.superheroesclubbooks.com

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