NKOTB Journal 17/47

Nov 13-19, 2017. Another “NKOTB Unwrapped” teaser. Weekly dose of Danny’s workout and Donnie’s inspiration. Fun on Instagram and Twitter. Pics of the week.


NKOTB Unwrapped. Meet Jordan Knight

Elijah Wahlberg gave us another teaser of his NKOTB documentary. It’s four out of five! Meet Jordan Knight


Living Healthy with Danny Wood. Check out Danny’s workout of the week

Get inspired by Donnie Wahlberg. Check out Donnie’s quotes of the week

PLUS… on social media

Donnie’s beefs with Mondays are back!

The last beef was on March 27, and before that he called for a truce on dec 05, 2016. Last Monday, he tweeted: “Good Morning Monday, It’s been a week. I know you mean me no harm so I’ll go easy on you today. Now, prepare to receive your ass kicking! ~DW”

Joey About Tax Break

Joey shared an article from the NYtimes, saying, “C’mon, y’all. This tax break is breaking the backs of the ones who work the hardest. These loopholes are criminal. And un-American! Opinion | Paradise Papers Show How Misguided the G.O.P. Is on Taxes

Fifty Shade of… Spelling Issues

Jon asked, “Grey and Gray ?Someone please tell me what the damn difference is. Has to be some difference or else we wouldn’t have 2 spellings for the same English word!”. We answered: GrEy in England; GrAy in America. Easy peasy! Later he asked, “So am I gay or gey? ?”… Your answer is more than welcome as a reply to his tweet.

Happy BusAversary to Donnie and 50 Blockheads

In 2009, Donnie took a bus ride to Montreal, with 50 Blockheads. He celebrated the anniversary by sharing this picture and saying, “Happy #BusAVersary! Love every single one of you guys! #RIPSneaky #BHLove ❤️?????”

Rescuing Jack Vs. J-Lo’s Bum

For it’s 20th anniversary, the movie Titanic will be re-released on Theatres. What did Donnie say about it? “… not Anaconda?!?!? That’s total BS! Just saying”

Treach on Blue Bloods

Donnie has been hoping to get Anthony Criss (Treach, from @NaughtyByNature) on Blue Bloods, for seven years. Finally their schedules worked out, and we could watch it this past Friday. In case you missed it, catch it on http://www.cbs.com/shows/blue_bloods/

Long Day At Work

“When Danny Reagans shoes are this freaking dirty — and I’m still shooting — you know it’s one of those Friday nights! #BlueBloods”, Donnie posted on Friday, at 11.15pm EST. Later, at 5.20 he was finally taking his flight

Pics of the Week

Check out the pics of the week on our Flickr Album!