NKOTB Journal 17/51

So far, this week…

[Ed 17/51. Dec. 11-17, 2017]


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Watch! Joey McIntyre: “Go to the Theatre. Be a Person!” Watch Joey saying farewell to the Garry Marshall Theatre, and enjoy the pictures shared by the cast.

Keep In Mind

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Christmas Mood: On

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Weekly Dose

Get Inspired By Donnie Wahlberg | Ed 17/51

“Every single time you’ve had to dig deep
to find the strength to make it through, you have.
Trust that you always will.
Because you always do.”
@DonnieWahlberg, Dec 11, 2017

“The world can easily be changed with the spread of hatred,
but it will only be changed for the better — with the spread of love.
Spread #love and #love will spread.”
@DonnieWahlberg, Dec 14, 2017

Danny Wood’s Workout Routine | Ed 17/51

Monday: “#holidayworkouts 32mins of HIIT cardio on treadmill and 30mins of strength training(back&biceps) #NKOTBunwrapped”

Tuesday: “30mins of HIIT cardio on treadmill and 30mins of strength training(legs,shoulders,abs) #holidayworkouts #NKOTBUnwrapped”

Wednesday: “32mins of HIIT cardio on treadmill and 30mins of strength training(cheat&back) #switchworkoutsevery3to4weeks #challengeyourself”

Thursday: “32mins of HIIT cardio on treadmill(4.15 miles) and 30mins of strength training(biceps&triceps) #MayTheForceBeWithYou #NkotbUnwrapped”

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