NKOTB live! Before Fenway Park, From the Red Sox’s Dressing Room

“Today is the day” says Jordan Knight, whom after his live streams have learned how to horizontally flip the camera on his iPhone so we can read normally what’s behind him.

He enters the arena and there’s a “Welcome Back” sign, because today Fenway Park is the home of the New Kids On The Block for the second time; and then he shows us how the staff is doing the sound check for tonight’s concert.

On his way, he meets Noah, who’s making with Elijah Walberg a documentary about the New Kids On The Block!

Fact: In this clip, Jordan explains how he came up with the “J” for his signature; from a sign of John Hancock Financial that’s above the bleachers.

On the second clip, Donnie Wahlberg streamed live to tell us there’s a rain delay, while Danny Wood and Joey McIntyre show up totally naked; Danny takes proudly the blame for a human gas emission and Victor Popovic and Jared Paul reassure the concert is going to start on time. We also see Jordan Knight, who says “the rain is not gonna stop us,” and Jonathan Knight.

The final clip was streamed by Donnie after the show.