Hangin’ Tough (1991) VHS

Hangin’ Tough Live (1991) VHS

Coming Home (2010) DVD


New Kids On The Block: Our Story (1990)

Authorized biography.
Released on June 1, 1990

New Kids On The Block (1990)

By Lynn Goldsmith.

New Kids on the Block: The Story of Five Brothers and a Million Sisters (2016)

Authorized biography by Nikki Van Noy.

Other Formats

Total Package Tour Unwrapped (2017)

Shot by Elijah Wahlberg (Donnie’s son) and fellow Noah Vera (Donnie’s godson), during NKOTB’s “Total Package Tour.” The documentary follows the band behind the scenes with candid interviews.

Mixtape Tour Documentary (2019)

A three episode documentary, filmed by Elijah Wahlberg and Noah Vera.

NKOTB live at Fenway Park (2020)

The NKOTB concert at Fenway Park (2017) was released on You Tube on September 27, 2020.