NKOTB Announces the Mixtape Tour and BHs Around the World Have Mixed Feelings

Well, the cat is out of the bag. I’m not going to write an informative post about the tour because: 1) you can find the info at the tour page, and 2) many, a lot of you, are as sad as … a cat with no bag… And this is what matters to me the most today.

I’ve been seeing you for months, years! since that first story Donnie shared on Instagram on 2019, holding on to the hope of a world wide tour. I’ve read every single comment; I responded… most of them ??‍♀️ and I’ve been feeling your joy, your hope, your excitement, which has made me beyond happy.

But today …, well…, thousands of hearts are broken.

Quick Q&A? Yeah, let’s start with this

No world wide tour? I’m gonna say, “not yet.” Donnie Wahlberg would never lie or give us false hopes; if you payed attention to the interview, he did answer to Kelly Clarkson, “We’re gonna start in the US, and hopefully we’ll try to take it world wide.” #enoughsaid

No cruise? Well, if you’re announcing a tour with Salt N Pepa, En Vogue and Rick freaking Astley, I don’t think you’ll have time to even think about something else than, “we have Rick freaking Astley in the line-up, plus all the these ladies raising the girl power flag” Hashtag enough said.

Where were all the surprises they talked about? ??‍♀️… I mean…, we FOUND OUT EVERYTHING before they announced it, even the name of the tour! Personally, I didn’t see “En Vogue and Rick Astley” coming… So, my mind is blown. Isn’t yours?

“But… I’m Still Heartbroken…”

I know you are… But just try to hold on the thought that a lot can happen between now and next year; shit can strikes us from one day to another, like the pandemic did, but so can good things, great things.

I’m so tempted to tell you about my NKOTB story to make you #believe, because it’s about that. My story with them is like a fairytale; I’ve dreamed, I’ve visualized, and every single time what happened with them was way better than I had imagined…

But it’s gonna take me forever to write it, so I’ll start as soon as I can and I’m going to leave you today with one little story.

A Glitch Can Be a Miracle

On 2015, I was recently divorced from an abusive man and I had just found out I was adopted. Yup. The next year I found out no one knows when I was born… Isn’t that hilarious? ? (I HAVE NO BIRTHDAY. IS-THAT-CLEAR ?)

So! I really, really wanted an individual M&G, because NKOTB and their music have kept me on my feet (more than ever) and I wanted to say, “thank you.” I believe I listened “Back to Life” until the iPhone exploded.

When the presale day arrived, the tickets were disappearing at speed light; I was losing my mind, refreshing the browser with an anxiety that was literally asphyxiating me, and then I saw the VIPs were “gone.” I froze.

But, suddenly I saw one, and I grabbed it before purchasing my ticket which the system doesn’t allow… but somehow, there was a glitch… and I seized it! Then I purchased the ticket for the next day. Hashtag oops!

Do you understand what happened? Due to a failure in the system that probably lasted a second or two, I got my chance to get my VIP.

It was funny when I showed up at the arena because I had the VIP, but I couldn’t enter becase my ticket was for the next day. One needs a ticket to enter the arena; the VIP is “additional”.

I said to them, “I have no idea what happened (oopsy daises!)” I believe that’s the only lie I said in my life. My ADHD brain doesn’t allow me to lie… which is, kind of funny sometimes…

Bottom line is: please, have unbreakable faith in whatever is you believe in. I believe in God, I believe in science; I believe God messed up with Ticketmaster that day, and I believe good thoughts shape a good brain (‘cos science says so) and that they also can work as a visualization of what we want… like a map…

So, write down your map in your brain; SEE it; feel it. And I promise you, you’ll feel you’re walking the journey you’ve chosen already.

And… honestly, why aren’t we talking about the fact the Kelly Clarkson isn’t in the line-up? Have you heard her singing “Hangin’ Tough”? Seriously!

So! (yeah, “so” again; what a writer) One last thought: Lift your head up princess… otherwise your crown may fall ? And you wanna conquer you dreams, don’t you? You need that crown to remain in your head.

I’m out! ??♾

PS: the header on The Blog’s Twitter account, that’s from that day ☺️