Did You Know? From New Edition to BBD, and NKOTBBD at Fenway Park

After the BHs from @NewKidsForever posted an amazing poster on their social media, BBD – who’ll be performing with the New Kids On The Block at Fenway Park – shared the image…

… and then Donnie reposted it mentioning “New Edition.” He wrote:

Before there were New Kids — there was New Edition. To share this night, in our hometown, with the men who inspired us and paved the way for us — @officialbellbivdevoe — is an honor beyond words. As a fan of @617mikebiv @mrrickybell and @bigrondevoe — I cannot wait to see their long awaited performance in @fenwaypark! Both of our bands will be returning home and we plan to celebrate our city, our amazing fans, our bands histories, our gratitude, our love and our respect, for all of the above. Two bands from Boston. One stage. One night. It’s gonna be special. And oh yes … there will be surprises! #NKOTBBDFenway @nkotb@officialbellbivdevoe @fenwaypark#617 #History

Donnie Wahlberg / Instagram

So I wondered if some have wondered, why is Donnie honoring New Edition in a post dedicated to BBD? Therefore, here’s a small dose of pop culture!

From New Edition to BBD

Michael Bivins (@617mikebiv), Ricky Bell (@mrrickybell) and Ronnie DeVoe (@bigrondevoe) were actually part of New Edition. Did you know?

In 1978, when New Edition was formed, the band had two more members: Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown (yes, “the” Bobby Brown who was married to Whitney Houston) In 1985 Brown left the band (he was voted out due to that nice personality he’s known for ??‍♀️) and then in 1987 Johnny Gill joined them.

There’s lot more to say, of course; but to keep it short, let’s say that after a long story of huge success and member’s departures, in 1989 Bell, Bivins and De Voe created “BBD” and they have been together since then. They debuted with the album “Poison”, which went multi platinum, and two of its singles peaked the number 3 position on Billboards’ Hot 100.

How About Their Relationship With the New Kids?

It’s a very well known fact, among the BH family, that the New Kids On The Block admire New Edition and recognize the band – as Donnie said on his post – as the ones who “paved the way” for them. In 2008, our guys had a dream come true; New Edition recorded with the New Kids On The Block “Full Service” for the album “The Block.”

Then, in 2009, NKOTB did a charity show in Boston; it was held at the House of Blues on December 20, for “Toys For Tots.” During that concert, Ricky Bell (BBD) and Johnny Gill (New Edition) joined them onstage to perform “Full Service” and “This One’s for the Children”.

As I was looking for that performance on YouTube, I came across this “vlog” where Donnie plans the show calling each of the New Kids. Hashtag priceless!

On a last note, one of New Edition’s earliest biggest hits was “Mr. Telephone Man;” that’s why you see them making a cameo on NKOTB’s video “Boys In The Band.”

And that, was your small dose of pop culture for the day ☺️

The upcoming concert of NKOTB and BBD at Fenway Park, part of the Fenway Park Concert series, is indeed a night to celebrate Boston’s talents; in fact, when it was scheduled in 2020, Aerosmith (“The bad boys from Boston”) were also going to perform on the same weekend to celebrate their 50th anniversary, which now they are going to do on September 8.

NKOTBBD is going to be an epic celebration. Now, would you miss it?

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