NKOTB to Release New Music Video, With Blockheads!

Do you remember the video for “Remix (I like the)”? We were asked to send a photo of us from then and now, and, I don’t know you but, when I saw the video – besides yelling “OMG! I know that Blockhead! And that one!” – I thought, “Ohhh… that’s what they were looking for…” To this date, it is one of my favorites. It was released on February 8, 2013, as the Official Lyric Video. * sigh *

Now it seems the history its repeating itself, since Donnie shared a photo on Twitter with the caption: “Reason number 9,462,859 that @nkotb has the greatest fans in the history of music? When you put out the last second call for them to show up at your music video in the freezing cold — they show up. No questions asked!  #BlockHeads #thankful ❤”

This time, however, a selected group received the call to represent us all. Take a look at the photo, and you’ll certainly see someone you know 😉 (Don’t say Marcello, duh)

And the big question is… Which song is this for? It has to be “80s Baby!” Don’t you think?