NKOTB on Howard Stern Show. Full Interview Plus Acoustic Performance

Before tonight’s show at Barclays Center (Brooklyn, NY), the New Kids On The Block made a stop at the Howard Stern’s show to give us an interview for the books! They talked about almost everything and they even played an acoustic version of “The Right Stuff.” They also shared photos!

The Interview

NKOTB spent with Howard Stern almost an hour, sharing tons of funny anecdotes from the good old days, and so much more. Here’s a glimpse of the interview’s topics:

The Beginning of The New Kids On The Block

Howard Stern began the interview asking the guys about Maurice Starr and the beginning of the New Kids On The Block; how Maurice produced New Edition’s first album, his plan to have a white boy band which sounded black and how poor he was.

When Mark left the band: Did he ever regret it? When did Joey join the New Kids On The Block; how it was like to perform in prisons? They also talked about Boston and segregation… and, Did Joey steal a car?

Regarding “Hangin’ Tough”: the first single on a radio, “Please, don’t go Girl”, opening for Tiffany; meeting the guy who ran the Apollo Theater. The experience recording the album: the small studio and the dogs barking we could hear 🙂

What Happened After the New Kids On The Block Broke Up?

“Jon is gonna tell you what happened”, says Joey. Why did he leave? Was it a mistake? What did the rest of the guys do? Where did the money from the merchandise go? Was anyone looking out for them?

They also talked about Jordan Knight as solo artist and Joey McIntyre hanging out with friends; and about “The battle of 99”, when Jordan and Joey released their solo albums.

A Little Bit of Everything

Among the many topics they addressed, Donnie Wahlberg talked about Jenny McCarthy, and how they are making out all the time. Playing acoustic: An idea for the next tour? The lessons learned; The NKOTB cruise and the after parties at a the Waffle House.

Listen to the Full Interview

NKOTB Performing an Acoustic Version of “The Right Stuff”

The Photos

After the show, Donnie and Joey shared their thoughts on twitter: