New Playlist: I’ll Be Loving Your Forever

There are still eleven days until Valentine’s Day, but the guys have already given us an anticipated gift: a new playlist with romantic songs that – if you ask me – should reach the top of the most played charts in this season.

“We Own Tonight” from “10”. Why wasn’t this a single? Why didn’t we have a video?… Could we have one if we’d ask? 🤔

“Stare At You” from “The Block”, “Take My Breath Away” from “10”… and those classics that remain close to our hearts such us “I Wanna Be Loved By You”, “Valentine Girl.”

“If You Go Away”? It’s there girl.

From the playlist the guys shared from Spotify, I created another one for Apple Music users. (I had to do it 😉… and I’ll continue to do so)

  1. I’ll be loving you (forever) – Hangin’ Tough
  2. Valentine Girl – Greatest Hits
  3. Step By Step – Step By Step
  4. You Got It (The Right Stuff) – Hangin’ Tough
  5. Cover Girl – Hangin’ Tough
  6. My Favorite Girl – Hangin’ Tough
  7. I Wanna Be Loved By You – Hangin’ Tough
  8. Stay With Me Baby – Step By Step
  9. Stare At You – The Block
  10. Summertime – The Block
  11. You Got The Flavor – Face The Music
  12. Girls – Face The Music
  13. I’ll Still Be Loving You – Face The Music
  14. Hold On – Hangin’ Tough
  15. We Own Tonight – 10
  16. Take My Breath Away – 10
  17. If You Go Away – Face The Music
  18. Remix (I Like The) – 10
  19. One More Night – Single