NKOTB Releases “NKOTB App”

The New Kids On The Block shocked us today with the release of their “NKOTB App;” there wasn’t any, “something is coming, donnie soon, surprise on Tuesday!” on social media. They simply released it and told us in a video what this new platform is all about.

Exclusive content, touring information, a store to purchase the BHBC collection of home goods and apparel, and the chance to interact with the New Kids On The Block in a private platform. How awesome is this!

NKOTB App is a place to be in touch with the New Kids On The Block outside social media; Joey McIntyre says,

“we don’t have to listen to any of the noise, on any of the social media; this is just us here.(…) This way is easier for you to get to us, and easier for us to get to you.”

The guys will be posting exclusive content that won’t be available on their social media outlets.

“It’s a world just for us”

Jonathan Knight