Wahlburgers to Introduced NKOTB’s Star in the “Wahlk of Fame”

Since the New Kids On The Block have added a second show in Chicago, for their upcoming Mixtape Tour, Donnie Wahlberg thought about throwing “a lil’ event that weekend” at Wahlburgers St. Charles.

Watch full ceremony. June 18, 2022

In 2020, Wahlburgers St. Charles opened the “BH Clubhouse”; a place dedicated to Blockheads with tons of NKOTB’s memorabilia on display, themed menu items, and a one of a kind collaboration with “Happy place” inside. And, next year, it’s going to take the “Wahlk of Fame” a little bit further.

NKOTB is going to receive the first of the stars that are going to honor people from the area of St. Charles and those who are related to Donnie Wahlberg and the New Kids On The Block.

Donnie talked to Dean Richards, for WGN9, and explained how this event came up and what is going to be about.

The event will take place on NKOTB’s weekend off in St. Charles; they are going to perform at the Allstate Arena on June 2022, Friday 17 and Saturday 18.

NKOTB’s Wahlk of Fame Ceremony June 18, 2022 - Wahlburgers, St. Charles. Mayor Lora Vitek emceed the first "Wahlk of Fame" ceremony, where the New Kids On The Block placed their hands in cement next to their star.

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