NKOTB to Re-Issue “The Block” With Unreleased Material

The record that marked the reunion of the New Kids On The Block in 2008, “The Block” is going to be released with material the band recorded but didn’t include in the original record.

On the second day of BlockCon, during the 3rd Panel (about the 15th Anniversary of “The Block”) Donnie Wahlberg said,

“We cut a lot of things and saved them (…) and all that material is in a vault. It is in a magical vault.”

“The Block” is the first album the New Kids On The Block released after their reunion, on Sep 2, 2008. Previously, they had released its first single on May 13, “Summertime,” which peaked the 19th position of the Billboard Charts.

The album was originally released with thirteen tracks, which included five collaborative songs, featuring New Edition (Full Service), Lady Gaga (Big Girl Now), The Pussy Cat Dolls and Teddy Riley (Grown Man), Akon (Put It On My Tab) and also with Ne-Yo (Single, which was released as the second single on August 12, 2008)

The moderator asked him, “What would one do with that?”, gaining laughs from the crowd. Donnie Wahlberg replied,

“Well, I can tell you what I would do with that material. Since it’s the 15th anniversary of ‘The Block’ album this fall, the five of us will be gathering all that magical material and digging into those archives an re issuing ‘The Block’ album.”

Besides the thirteen tracks that were included in “The Block”, NKOTB released five more songs: one for iTunes and as a US Bonus Track (“Close to You”), and four in the Delux Edition: “One Song” (also US Bonus track); “Don’t Cry”; “Officially Over” and “Looking Like Danger.”

The band is having conversations with Universal Music, given that the album was released under “Interscope”, a label owned by Universal Music. The production of this new record, is going to take place amidst Joey McIntyre’s Solo Summer Tour, which will take Joe to Europe, Canada and fifteen US cities; and Jonathan Knight’s shooting of the third season of his successful HGTV show “Farmhouse Fixer.”

When the moderator asked Donnie when the album was going to be released, he said, “it will be in the fall.”

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