NKOTB Weekly | Ed. 19/04

Joey McIntyre with tons of news! Jordan Knight is alive! Did you catch him on InstaStories? Fun and Inspiration with Donnie. Danny Wood workout routine, and more!

Another great week in the Block! In case you’ve missed something on social media, here is your full update 🙂

Joey McIntyre Rings the Closing Bell on Wall Street (video)

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) uses a traditional system to signify the end of a trading session: the closing bell; in 1995, it began having special guests, and yesterday was Joey’s turn. Joey McIntyre Announces New Opening Night for Waitress The Musical (video and pics)

We’ve been reading about it on Social Media, but now Joey has made it official: his opening night will be on February 4 (not February 5). Check out the videos and photos of the week’s rehearsals.

Working Out With Danny Wood

Check out Danny’s full workout routine.

Danny Wood and Jessie Chris’ Bodyguard, is Coming Really Soon

On Jan 25 we got the promo image about the new song we’ve been talking about for the past week. Stay tuned!

Donnie Wahlberg on Martin Luther King’s Day

He tweeted, “Don’t just tweet #MLK quotes — then turn around and be hurtful, hateful or unkind to another human being today.

Listen to his words.

Live by his words.

Remember to be, and always be, the most loving person that you can be.

Today and every day.”

Joey McIntyre on Spotify’s New Feature

Spotify now allows users to block artists; Joey shared on Twitter his clear and simple opinion about it, “Don’t. You. Dare”

Blockheads Take Care of New Kids On The Block’s Start on HWOF

Somebody must do the job, right? Donnie shared the following video saying, “Reason 7,463,274 that @nkotb has the greatest fans in the history of the music business!”

Joey McIntyre Makes His First Poll on Twitter

The subject? Hair. The question, “Who has the best hair”. The options: not Jon Knight, not Jordan Knight, not even Joey McIntyre; “Donald Trump or Roger Stone.” Why? You may ask; well, in case you don’t follow POTUS, have a dose of him with the tweet of the week.


“Allow me to be gracious enough, empathetic enough, introspective enough, compassionate enough, vulnerable enough, humble enough, trusting enough and loving enough
To look inward at myself, before lashing outward at others with harsh judgements and criticisms.”
#TuesdayThoughts, by @DonnieWahlberg, Jan 22, 2019

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Happy week!