NKOTB Weekly | Ed. 19/09

NKOTB’s new video, “Boys in the Band”, has arrived! Plus, plenty of Joe Mac videos; Danny Wood on a podcast talking about “Bodyguard;” what the guys did during the week; the weekly dose of Donnie’s inspiration and Danny’s healthy motivation, and the Photo Block!


NKOTB Release New Video, “Boys in the Band”

Joey McIntyre on the Today Show, With Kathie Lee and Hoda Playing “Who Knew” [Video] 

To celebrate the release of the ’90s-set “Captain Marvel,” the Today Show gave us another edition of Who Knew? a game that is all about ’90s trivia. Joey McIntyre was there joining Kathie Lee and Hoda to quiz folks on their knowledge.

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Danny Wood And Jessie Chris Talk About Bodyguard on a Podcast [Audio]

Danny and Jessie made a stop at Corus Radio’s studios, to talk about what inspired “Bodyguard”, how they became involved in this project and their personal experiences

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