NKOTB Weekly | Ed. 19/29

Danny Wood back in the gym. Joey McIntyre from Cape Cod. Donnie Wahlberg shooting Blue Bloods. Jordan Knight using Face App. Jonathan Knight injured. And more!

The post you saw and others news! Here’s your full weekly update 🙂

Joey McIntyre: “Thanks for Being There When I Needed Ya Guys”

On his last night on the road, Joey shared his gratitude to his fans and he signed it, “Daddy Joe.”

Danny Wood: Cruise Control!

Danny Wood, Mixtape Tour, Raleigh (NC) July 7, 2019

Photography by Marcello Ambriz @nkotb

After the Mixtape Tour was over, Danny went back to the gym on Thursday, at a new gym!

Donnie Wahlberg: Back to the Grind! 

Donnie Wahlberg and Alma Wahlbgerg. July 17, 2019 © Donnie Wahlberg on Instagram

Before jumping into the hot set of Blue Bloods, Donnie went fishing, golfing and visited his mother Alma.

Joey McIntyre: Reminiscing About the Magic Summer Tour from Cape Cod

From Manhattan to Cape Cod, the Magic Summer Tour to the Mixtape Tour. Take a look at the beginning of the Mac Summer.

Jordan Knight: Exposed to the Russians by Blockheads

Top Secret.

Jon Knight-Rodriguez Injured

For almost three months, Jon danced on a stage, he bent his back countless times to hug the fans, he went on dangerous Walmart adventures, ending up with not even a scratch on a finger. However, on Wednesday night he wrote, “56 shows down, endless hugs, and I come home and end up with a pulled chest muscle weeding the gardens ????Hurts like hell!”

It makes you think about the real care one should have after turning 50…

What Were Your Favorite Moments from the Mixtape Tour?

Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jordan Knight, during Mixtape Tour rehearsals (May 2019)

Photography by Marcello Ambriz @nkotb

The walk down memory lane has begun, and the New Kids On The Block still have a lot to share.

Selfies with Donnie

Donnie added more photos to his account on Flickr. Here are the post show pictures from Jacksonville.

New Kids On The Block – Complete Collection on Spotify

Check out the complete collection made by NKOTB on Spotify; 109 songs, including the latests!