NKOTB Weekly | Ed. 19/30

Danny Wood is bringing Solo Wood back. Donnie on Wahlburgers and Blue Bloods. Joey bike riding. Jon and his farm life. And more! 

Danny Wood: Solo Wood is on the Horizon

On Monday, he shared memories of the Mixtape Tour. With a video taken and edited by Marcello Ambriz, Danny made us re-live a whole minute with him, Donnie and Jordan, waiting below the stage while Debbie Gibson was singing Electric Youth. 

It’s always great to relieve good times, but how much better it is to get some news! His new Solo Wood tour, is on the Horizon.

Donnie Wahlberg: Tuesday Thoughts, Wahlburgers and Blue Bloods on fire

Donnie opened his week on social media, by sharing with us a dangerous shot on the set of Blue Bloods, and then on Tuesday he gave us his weekly dose of reflection and inspiration:

“If you get still, search your soul, then make the choice you are facing with nothing but #LOVE in your heart —

You’ll have no regrets.

You’ll have no resentments.

You’ll have no expectations.

You’ll have no disappointments.

You’ll have nothing but — peace.

#TuesdayThoughts” – @DonnieWahlberg.

Wednesday was a very special day: Wahlburgers was coming to an end, while Blue Bloods was celebrating its 200thEpisode. Then on Thursday, he was tweeting “#SASOTOG”, and that took us back to our Blocktionary. Do you remember that?

Joey McIntyre: From Cape Cod to New York

Joey went through a nice scare on Monday night, when a tornado was hitting the coast of Cape Cod; he filmed the storm and shared it on his Instagram Stories. Safe and sound, we saw him again on Sunday afternoon, biking in the Bronx!

Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez: A Day in the Life of the FarmHouse Fixer

As we wait for the premiere of FarmHouse Fixer on HGTV, Jon showed us the sweetest moments of a farm life

And… What Else Happened in The Block?

While we missed Jordan, Danny kept us busy with his workout routine; the New Kids shared photos and, on Sunday, they celebrated National Parents Day with an interview to Alma Wahlberg.

Happy week!