NKOTB Weekly 21/05

Last week we had three anniversaries to celebrate, but the biggest joy was to read that – finally – Jon’s new show on HGTV “Farmhouse Fixer” is premiering on March! Hashtag Woohoo!

In the Mac World, a lot to explain ????????‍♀️ … and! a funny Twitter Talk with Nick Carter (BSB) On Danny’s world, he continued with his show; and Lori – who’s making the masks for Remember Betty – has let us know about a BH who’s making Valentine masks! Hashtag awesome.

We had pics, we had fun and… here it’s everything you saw and what you may have missed!

Anniversaries (And Blog Updates)

Face The Music Was Release on January 25, 1994

To honour it we’ve got a new page at the blog, where you’ll find videos, lyrics and fun facts.

Stay tuned on the YouTube Channel for an amazing performance of “Dirty Dawg” (Coney Island, 2016) on the next Flash Back Friday… (I still cannot believe I was there; I screamed like a dog)

The New Kids On The Block Performed the First Ever Super Bowl Half Time Show (Jan 27, 1991)

To honour it, we’ve got a new section at the blog! “Archives” There you’ll find videos, interviews and everything before the reunion era. (You’re welcome)

A video of this perfomance? You got it!

On January 28, 2013, the single Remix (I Like The) Was Released

(see NKOTB’s Tweet)

Do you remember when we crashed Ryan Seacrest’s website to read the lyrics? Good times ????. Back then, first we got the chance to listen to the song (with a video lyric); the official video was released on March 8, 2013.

(*) Please note this blog is being updated. More posts from 2012 to 2017 coming up soon.

In the Mac World

TikTok, You Said?

On Wednesday, Joey retweeted Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) accepting AJ McLean’s (BSB) TikTok challenge, and he refused to take ‘cos: “ummm, he’s not on TikTok.”

Yyyyeah, um… I’m not on #TikTok. I got enough rabbit holes in my life. But meet me on the corner and I’ll throw down anytime!

@JoeyMcIntyre, Jan 27, 2021

There’s so much behind this… I’ll come back to this later… So, stay tuned!

Stocks (#KillMeKnow)

On Thursday, Joe retweeted (with a “????”) a hilarious gif from @BarStools “explaining how a subreddit named WallStreetBets has turned GameStop from a $17 stock to a $300 stock.” Yup…

What happened? What I saw on the NYTimes, is that a user named “Roaring Kitty” did that; this guy (from Massachusetts) helped fuel the frenzy on social media around GameStop (an electronic retails company); this guy, made an investment for $53,000 which has reached $48 freaking million… because he posted on Reddit about it? Like, seriously!?!?!?

“Hi, This Is My Healthy Breakfast”

On Saturday, Joey stopped the retweets and left a shy, “Hi everybody;” and on Sunday, he shared through his Instagram stories his breakfast captioning the pic with a “worse ways to start a Sunday.”

Joey Mcintyre / IG Stories, Jan 30, 2021

I see the bottom of the photo, and I think… “Worse ways? Who’s going to clean the counter?!?!”

On The Wood Works

On the 12th Episode of The Wood Works, Danny cooked Turkey Chilli. Check out clip and Danny’s complete workout routine of Danny the past week on the next page.

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Happy week! Stay safe, wear a mask and…