NKOTB Weekly 2108

In this edition we’ve got: tech advice; neuroscience; poems! That’s what happens when one follows five talented men making their mark on the world, and when the followers are more than just fans but eager readers seeking for more than just gossips.

But I won’t ramble today! ???? I won’t…, because a lot happened on the 8th week of the year; so, without any further introduction…This is what you saw and what you may have missed ????

Posts In This Edition

Jordan Knight: No Longer on Instagram, Nor On Facebook (Feb 16, 21)
Jordan Knight is, to this date, only Twitter. Learn more about it and spread the word.

Netflix’s Show ‘Country Comfort’, Featuring Griffin McIntyre, Premieres on March! Watch Official Trailer (Feb 19, 21)
Take a peek at the journey Joey shared with us for the past year and… watch the trailer!

Joey McIntyre Writes, Under The Hood (Feb 22, 21)
Six poems by Joe Mac written on his Instagram Stories. To reflect, to laugh; you name it.

In the Mac World

Griffin is finally making his debut on the screen on his own (let’s not forget he also starred in “Return of the Mac”) and his dad was beyond proud; Joey wrote on Instagram:

Needless to say I’m so happy for my son, @thegriffinmcintyre and this amazing cast. It is a funny, fun, warm show that I can’t wait to see!! Tune in to @netflix on March 19th and come be a part of this incredibly talented family!!! ????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️???????????? #CountryComfort

Joey McIntyre, Feb 19, 2021

Griffin reposted it with a “thanks dad” and three emojis… I mean… ????

Griffin McIntyre, Instagram Stories, Feb 19, 2021

On Saturday, after a week of spreading wise and hilarious words, Joey mentioned that had been feeling down and what he does to feel better. With an image from (what it seems to be) the Central Park, he wrote:

Joey McIntyre, IG Stories, Feb 20, 2021

“Morning 🙂 Tough getting out of bed today for more than a few reasons and I knew I had to get outside soon. Glad I did. When in doubt change your perspective, and doing it physically always help me.”

Joey McIntyre, Feb 20, 2021

Getting Ready For Upcoming TV Shows

Set Your DVR for Farmhouse Fixer

Great news! (Well, for those in the US who’ll get to watch the show) You can now set your DVR to record Farmhouse Fixer, which is premiering on March 3.

“This has been so long coming!!! You can finally set your DVRs. Better yet, watch it live while it’s recording, then watch again and again and again from your DVR. Who knows CPR?…cause I need it right now! Happy dance here ???????? ????????????????????????????????????????” – Jonathan Knight, Feb 17, 2021

After that, you can chill like Jon did ☺️

“Friday nights…greenhouse lights. With spring getting closer and closer, getting this years seedlings planted in my @bc_greenhouses ! Snowy outside…cozy inside” – Jonathan Knight, Feb 19, 21.

How to Set A Reminder on Netflix, for Country Comfort

This is the “tech advice” ????????‍♀️

When we open Netflix it always takes us to the “Home” screen, with everything that’s featured, our list and what we’ve been watching; since some BHS have mentioned they don’t see the show on their accounts, I thought about sharing how you can search for it and why you may not be seeing it:

  • upcoming shows don’t show up on old devices (for instance, an old Apple TV)
  • you must login on your TV or computer, with a browser or the official Netflix app.

With a browser: from the top menu, click on “New and Popular;” scroll down until “Worth the wait;” click on the reminder for the show.

With the app: from the left sidebar, click on the arrow and do the same (scroll down until “worth the wait” and set the reminder.


Greatest Hits: Which One Is Real?

We had an anniversary this week! (shocker) On Feb 16, 1999, the album “Greatest Hits” was released and… there’s still some confusion about this album because there are two “Greatest Hits” and one “Super Hits” running around. So this one is specially for 2nd Gen-BH ????

The first “Greatest Hits” features fourteen (14) songs from previous albums; the second “Greatest Hits” – released in 2008 – came with some bonuses, such us:

  • The Right Combination (Donnie Wahlberg and Seiko);
  • Angel of Love (Jordan Knight and Ana);
  • Stay the Same (Joey McIntyre, from his first solo album);
  • 2008 New Kids On The Block Mega Mix.

Then, the “Super Hits” album we also see at the stores is not one the New Kids On The Block count as part of their discography, and this is why their 10th album was called “Ten.”

Class dismissed. ????????

Anyways, the New Kids celebrated the anniversary by asking us to share a “screenshot, of us”, which was confusing too ???? Some shared screenshots of the album playing on their phones (some shared the wrong album) and some posted selfies listening to the album. Here’s the tweet!

The Wood Works

On the 15th episode of “The Wood Works”, Danny Wood cooked his own Swordfish recipe. We could hear Rose crying from the background and Danny wondered, “How should we handle that? Should we keep going?” ???? That’s what happens when you shoot live! Danny explained on Twitter that they filmed the episode near nap time, but we love those candid moments ☺️

It’s a short episode (8.46 mins) and he doesn’t talk about pubic hair. So… ☹️ #bummer, ‘cos that was fun! However, he does come with some bits of his new original song, “and now we wait” ????

For Danny’s Workout routine this week, check out the following tweets:

Daydream About NKOTB, and You’ll Shape Your Brain!

(Here comes the neuroscience stuff ????) Late at night on Friday, during a break from the set of Blue Bloods, Donnie posted on Twitter a clip telling us he was thinking of us.

I replied him that’s what I do during my breaks (well, kind of); I “daydream” about good things; I think about my goals and I visualize them; and that is actually something great for our brains; did you know that?

Scientists have found (*) that “mind-wondering” (daydreaming) shapes a good brain; nice thoughts shape a good brain; think about your thoughts as currents of energy… What kind of energy would you like to have up there? So, the next time someone tells you, “snap out of it!”, just tell them, “Shush; I’m diligently working on giving my brain a nice shape.” ????

(*) I research and write about neuroscience, as an ADHD advocate, at neurodivergent.blog. If you’d like to read a paper on this, or one of my links, send me a DM!

Block Party

On Twitterland

The guys posted, “If NKOTB was granted one wish… what would it be?” Gimme Love!

That’s epic ????????

For the week’s TBT, they shared a short clip of “What’cha Gonna Do.” This one really brings back memories… ????

And… cruise fever? ????

Remember that Rock This Boat is available on Amazon / Prime Video (which we mentioned it on our Weekly Ed #3) If you need more info, click, click, click. ????

And When Is The Next TWUG Fest?

Donnie hosted a #TWUG fest on Saturday night; he usually does it around 9pm/11pm ET. So, set your notifications on so you won’t miss the next one!

This time around, @JonsNewPrincess got an early bday twug…

@STL_Jackie received her “first” twug!

And Liam won our hearts… ☺️

And… that is a wrap!

Have the most wonderful week!