NKOTB Weekly 21/10

Well, well, well, the premiere of Farmhouse Fixer even had a red carpet ????. The past week, Donnie discovered a beer with his name on it; we talked about accents with Jon; the Mac World was, as usual, something like a Pandora’s box. We also had recommended books and movies; block party; anniversaries ????????‍♀️ and a couple of heads up.

And… so much happened that an introduction may end up looking like an entire post. So! BH! BraveHearts! (Do you emember when Joey called us that way on “One Too Many?” ????) Here’s everything you saw in the life of the New Kids On The Block and their million sisters (brothers and all the genres and none genres)…, and what you may have missed ????

Posts In This Edition

Farmhouse Fixer (S1E1) Preview, Photos and More! Read, see and watch the highlights of the premiere of Farmhouse Fixer among the BH fam.

Donnie Tries the “Donnie Is The Talented Wahlberg” Beer (For Real) Who is making the “Donnie is the Talented Wahlberg” beer and how to get it.

Virtual Event With Danny Wood: March Madness. On March 27, Danny Wood and Team Betty Nola will host a night of virtual games and trivia fun.

Let’s Talk Accents, With Jon. Jon opened a conversation on Twitter about accents and we went on and on talking about our accents! Join the fun ????

In The Mac World

Joey McIntyre, IG Stories, March 3, 2021. NYC

That Time “Joey Joe” Gave His Brother a Bloody Lip

Someone posted on Twitter a list of ten Collage Football Players of All Times, encouraging people to choose who was the most exciting. Joey retweeted it, but instead of choosing one from the list, he added, “11. Doug Flutie.”

Phelps Prescott (yes, a guy!) replied to Joey, “Day after Thanksgiving ’84, never forget where I was that day,” with a video of Flutie’s play … which is AWESOME. Watch:

Then Joey also shared an anecdote from that day; he tweeted,

“I was in my kitchen with my brother watching on a 16 inch black and white tv. I jumped into his arms (just like @DougFlutie) and gave him a bloody lip cuz he had braces at the time ????”

To Say Or Not To Say

On Friday night Joey asked on Twitter, with a poll, “Should I take the bait and go down a rabbit hole and comment on something divisive on Twitter?” 59,9% said yes, so he went for a “no” ????????‍♀️ and said,

“First of all, I love you guys. So many great options… meaningful, thoughtful and funny. As you always are! I’m gonna go with No! I did have a bit of a personal connection to said rabbit hole but it wasn’t anything directly attached to me per se.”

Among all the replies Joey received, I believe Eileen Perry‘s sums it up; she wrote, “We love hearing your honesty. However, as they say, if you have nothing nice to say, keep scrolling ????”

TV, Books And Movies

Book Recommendation Needed

Joey, following the poll’s tweets, had two more questions: 1) How to create a thread on Twitter (which plenty of us covered) and 2) What book would we recommend him to read? Rachel Clency, receives an ????️➕ for an effective plain and simple response:

“I recommend getting the Good Reads app on your phone! You can enter books you’ve read and they suggest books based on your reading history.”

Good Reads is actually that good; I have numerous books lined up and they are going to stay that way…. ‘cos I have ADHD and making lists and do nothing about them it’s our thing ???? (unless we’re truly interested! we don’t lack of attention, you know!????)

Here are the links to recommend Joe a book, and to check out GoodReads.

Discovering Dahlias, With Erin Benzakein

Jon Knight received what I believed to be a pack of joy and which he described as an “amazing gift;” a collection of books about Dahlias (and even a jar of “Dahlia honey”) from Erin Benzakein, New York Times best selling author of a year in flowers. Jon mentioned his “love for dahlias has increased over the past few years” and thanked Jules Easley for having connected him with Erin.(*)

Erin (IG/floretflower) describes the company she founded, “Floret”, as “a family-run flower farm & seed company, providing education to grow the garden of your dreams”

(*) Quotations are from Jon’s IG Stories, March 1, 2021

Nomadland, The Movie

Jon posted on twitter, “Nomadland the movie ????;” that’s it; very enlightening… I know ???? I haven’t watch this movie yet; but! among all the movies and documentaries Jon has recommended, I don’t regret having watched any.

Lance Bass’ documentary “The Boyband Con. The Lou Pearlman Story”! First one that came to my mind. Must watch! You can rent it on YouTube.

Anyways, Nomadland has 7.6 stars on IMdB (so, YES). You can watch it on theatres or stream it on Hulu.

Joey McIntyre Is Still Blown Away By Farmhouse Fixer

Besides showing his excitement while he was watching show on Wednesday, Joey tweeted about it the next day,

“Still over the moon about my brother @JonathanRKnight’s new show #FarmhouseFixer on @hgtv. Don’t get it twisted- this dude is a total pro with decades of experience and tons of passion. He just happens to be in a boyband too. Gotta check it out. You’ll love him and the show.”

Remember to add #FarmhouseFixer and tag @hgtv in your tweets to support the show, so we could have a season 2!

Blue Bloods is Back!

© Blue Bloods CBS / Twitter

On Friday Donnie Wahlberg broke down the news, “#BlueBloods Friday is back! All New Episode Tonight — 10/9c”. Blue Bloods is currently on its Season 11 and it has a 7.6 rating on IMDb. ????????

If you’re not watching it, here’s how Donnie is going to show up on your timeline:

I don’t know about you, but…

Oh Captain, My Captain

Is Donnie Wahlberg Browsing for Arenas for an NKOTB upcoming tour?

I must admit the BH in me has probably taken these stories a little bit further than what they were truly about; but hey, what if? We know after the pandemic is over, Donnie Wahlberg wants a “Worldwide trip;” so, I don’t know about you but when I see Patrick Petty with Donnie on the plane, overflying an arena, my BH guts tell me that before that flight there was a call where D said, “I need you, man; I have an important meeting.”

Did you know? Patrick Petty and Donnie Wahlberg’s friendship began in 1990, when Donnie was looking for a leather jacket to wear at the Boston Music Awards. Since then, not only Donnie but also the New Kids On The Block have relied on Patrick’s styling services.

On Monday around 2PM ET, Donnie left a #loveeternal on Twitter… and then nothing… Then on Tuesday, around 10am ET, he did it again; but this time, it was followed but a series of Instagram Stories: first he posted a photo of him and Patrick with the caption, “on the road again (er – in the sky again);” and two hours later a photo saying they were safe and sound on the ground.

What triggered my BH guts? A story Donnie posted between those two: an aerial shot of an arena, in which he wrote “what a view” pointing out the shadow of their plane and writing, “us.”

Is it just me? ???? (Yeah it is… ????????‍♀️)

Donnie Wahlberg, IG Stories, Mar 2, 2021

The Wood Works

On The Wood Works, S1 E17, Danny cooked “Easy Crab cakes.” Danny mentions he gets his sea food from “Blue Runner” and that he’s going to explain more on the next season of The Wood Works; but, if you’re in the area, check them out on Instagram @bluerunnerseafood for contact details; it has a five star review on Yelp!

For Danny Wood’s workout routine of the week, check out the following tweets:

Block Party

March 2 was “Read Across America Day,” so the New Kids said, “Pick up your favorite book ( or comic ????) and get reading!!!” and gave us something to start with. Then on Thursday, they tweeted, “Mornings pre-coffee be like…” with a picture of the New Kids On The Block spooning on the floor… And, I mean, how can you start a day like that? Seriously! Don’t they know our imagination is powerful?! ????????‍♀️

Remember When

  • Two years ago (March 1, 2019), the Boys In The Band video was released. Check out video, lyrics and fun facts.
  • THIRTY FIVE YEARS ago (March 5, do the maths) the New Kids On The Block released “Be My Girl.” Seriously, we need to stop doing this ???????? They tweeted, “Happy 35th anniversary to our FIRST EVER single “Be My Girl”! This song started it all and we are forever thankful. Make sure to tag us in a screenshot if you’re listening to this bop today!”

Heads Up!

And… that’s a wrap! Don’t forget to…