NKOTB Weekly 21/11

Hey there! We saw Jordan! Twice! Awesome. Moving on! this week was filled with news and videos to enjoy: Joey jumped back on his bike for a great cause; we got to watch a live stream with Griffin and the cast of Country Comfort plus a sneak peek with LeAnn Rimes ????; Donnie is back to scare us on Sundays! but Jenny is back on Wednesdays to make us laugh ????

We’ve also got two videos from “The Wood Works;” a chance to win Danny’s Red Sox t-shirt; and, since Joey shared so much on his IG stories, we covered his whole week in a special post.

That being said, here’s every you saw and what you may have missed!

Posts In This Edition

Get Your Bike and Join Joe Mac! Joey McIntyre is back on his bike, and there’s even a team you can join for a great cause.

Griffin McIntyre Sings With LeAnn Rimes, In a Country Comfort Sneak Peek. In an exclusive ET Clip, we get to watch Griffin McIntyre and the cast of Country Comfort singing with LeAnn Rimes.

Joey and Griffin McIntyre Live Stream: Meet The Cast of Country Comfort. Joey McIntyre and his son Griffin McIntyre, interviewed live on Instagram the young cast of Country Comfort. Jordan and Jonathan Knight, and Adam Ray, also joined the live stream.

Donnie Wahlberg Gives a Sneak Peek of “Very Scary People” Season 3. Sunday nights are going to get creepy again, since Donnie Wahlberg’s “Very Scary People” is coming back for a third season on HLN.

A Week in the Mac World. Joey McIntyre on Meghan Markle; Griffin’s show on Netflix; a year into the pandemic; back in the studio recording! Taylor Swift and the Grammys; and much more.

Heads Up!

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On Other News

On Women’s Day

On March 8, the New Kids posted an adorable gif with images of BHs and wrote, “Happy #InternationalWomensDay!!! ???????????? There are so many incredible women in our lives, including all of our Blockhead sisters. We love you. We respect you. We honor you.”

Jenny McCarthy is Back With The Masked Singer Season 5

Donnie Wahlberg, IG Stories

If you were missing Jenny, since her show at Sirius XM ended, now you’ll get to watch her every Wednesday on Fox.

Donnie tweeted (to her), “Wishing you, and that golden ear of yours, all the love and luck tonight — @JennyMcCarthy — on the epic Season 5 Premiere of #TheMaskedSinger ????????????????Can’t wait to watch! 8/7c.”

And then he said, “Thinking some of the network execs at @FOXTV and
@hgtv are secretly part of the @nkotb #Blockhead family, since they thankfully scheduled #TheMaskedSinger and #FarmhouseFixer back to back, so none of us had to miss out on either show! #BHLove! ????”

To which Jon replied, “So true Donnie Wahlberg we had the Masked Singer on seconds before Farmhouse Fixer aired. Good thing we recorded it and can go back to the last few minutes. Ps. Who is the snail. I need to know. Jenny McCarthy text me later, our secret! ????” Donnie answered with a “❤️”… ????

LeGarrette Blount LG’s Feel Good

Former American Football player, LeGarrette Blount, has a new line of products  for physical and mental relief, and sent to Donnie a bundle. Donnie said, “These are remedies man (…) all the muscle pain goes away.”

During its grand opening, you can get a 25% discount for a limited time at the website lgsfeelgood.com.

(*) This is a Donnie’s shoutout on his IG Stories

Farmhouse Fixer and How to Stream It

The ratings for the pilot (which aired on March 3) came in and Jonathan shared the news on Monday night, “Just got the ratings for the pilot of Farmhouse Fixer…. So, so, so good!!! Blockheads please tune in to the second episode of Farmhouse Fixer and let all your friends know!!! We were #12 in all of cable in our time slot. Let’s get this to #10”

Regarding the episode that aired on Wednesday 11 (S1E4), the New Kids loved seeing Jordan Knight, who made also a quick appearance on Joey and Griffin’s live stream but remains MIA on social media. In case you missed it, Nicole took a few screenshots you may want to save ????

Jon, after having tweeted he had a blast watching the episode and asked us what did we think about it, responded to a fan who mentioned she couldn’t watch it because she didn’t have cable nor a streaming service; and he said,

“Sorry you can’t watch on cable. It will likely be on Discovery + after all episodes have aired.”

Greatest Generation Clothing

Wearing an OG Logo Hoodie, Donnie gives a shout out to Greatest Generation Clothing which has a line of comfortable clothing; t-shirts, hoodies, leggings; sweatpants.

Currently, they offer free shipping on orders over $120. Check out their shop at their website: greatestgenerationclothing.com

(*) This is a Donnie’s shoutout on his IG Stories

The Wood Works: Pizza and After Dark

It was 2×1 on The Wood Works! On the 18th Episode, Danny Wood cooked Pizza Dough; and then at night, he streamed live an “After Dark”

For Danny’s workout routine of the week, check out the following tweets ????

Remember When

The New Kids On The Block shared a hilarious clip from an interview with Oprah (May, 1989) where Donnie accidentally revealed Bobby Brown as special guest.

And so they asked, “What’s your fav NKOTB interview moment?” Give your answer to the guys on Twitter or Facebook.


The #twug fest this week happened on Tuesday at 7.43 ET… Who can catch up with this? Many BHs!

So many that #twug trended up to the Nº1!

That’s a wrap! ???? Have a great week!