NKOTB Weekly 21/29

It’s happening! The New Kids On The Block and their team started working last week, but this one they invited us – through their IG stories – to sneak peak behind the scenes of the NKOTBoston concert and… we’ve got a new video on The Blog’s YouTube channel ?

Joey McIntyre wrote another poem, and gave us the handwritten version! And, drum roll please… Jonathan Knight announced the second season of Farmhouse Fixer!

Right? I know! So! Here’s everything you saw and what you may have missed, on your Block. ?

Posts In This Edition

Kids (Official Music Video) March 5, 2024 - The New Kids On The Block new music video "Kids", premiered on March 5, on YoutTube @ 1.30PM EST.
Pre-order NKOTB’s New Album “Still Kids” March 5, 2024 - The new New Kids On The Block album "Still Kids" is now available to pre-order!
New Hot Record Deal, New Hotline, New Album, New Single, New Era. February 23, 2024 - The Magic Summer is almost here! Pre-save the single "Kids" now, and call NKOTB's new hotline.
Joey McIntyre Writes, “Just For Today” July 12, 2021 - A poem by Joey McIntyre, handwritten for you!
Farmhouse Fixer Renewed For a Second Season July 13, 2021 - Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin have announced the second season of Farmhouse Fixer in an interview for the New York Times
NKOTB Mourn the Death of Hip-Hop Legend Biz Markie July 16, 2021 - The New Kids On The Block and the BH family mourn the death of a friend, Biz Markie.

New On YouTube: The Rehearsals


On Saturday, after finishing the rehearsals, Jon and Harley jumped with Donnie on DWair.

In the Farm… Outside The Farm ??‍♀️

On Sunday Jon was reminiscing the fun of being on tour with friends; he shared a clip of him and Angela in a car wash where he opens the window and laughs hysterically ?

He also shared the most adorable clip of his brother and sister-in-laws dog (Scoopy) and duck (Dark Wing) playing; he wrote, “We have so much to take away from their interactions! Two beings, totally different, that love each other so much… they don’t see differences, just their love for each other!”

In The Kitchen

On the episode 2:15 of The Wood Works, Danny walked us through his recipe of “Easy Cornbread.”

Remember When

July 15, 2014. Jordan Knight and Nick Carter, Nick And Knight, released their single “One More Time.”

Check out the new archive page “Nick And Knight” for photos, videos, JK’s old tweets and more. There’s still more to come! All things Nick and Knight are being updated.

July 15, 1990. Donnie Wahlberg and Seiko released the single “The Right Combination”

Celebrating the release of Donnie Wahlberg and Seiko’s “The Right Combination” discover the new discography archive with lyrics, official video and interview.

Heads Up! New NKOTB Masks Are Coming

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