NKOTB Weekly | Ed 19/02

Joey is getting ready for Broadway. Jon is filming the pilot of Farmhouse Fixer for HGTV. Danny shares his workout routine. We remember Betty on her birthday. Literature lessons with Joey, Blue Bloods Friday and much more!

Joey McIntyre is Getting Ready for his Comeback to Broadway

The date – February 5 – is almost around the corner. Take a look at Joey getting ready to join the cast of Waitress The Musical. Read Post >>

HIIT with Danny Wood | Ed 19/02

The weekly routine of Danny Wood’s workout. Read Post >>


We Remember Betty

Like every January 7, Danny paid tribute to the memory of his mother by posting a picture and a message on the day of her birthday; this Monday, Danny wrote, “You shine bright down on me, my friends, family and especially my children! We all love you and miss you! The #bhfamily and I will continue to make you proud and strive to help #breastcancer patients! #yourwords still echo daily! There is still the empty place in my heart that will be filled when we meet again! #mommasboy”

Choosing the One with the Dude with the Romper

Live Nation has already an amazing line up of great artists for this year; on Monday, they posted on Twitter a teaser which Donnie shared saying, “I choose the one with the dude with the #romper! #MixTapeTour 2019!”

Taking Literature Lessons With Joe Mac (on the Subway)

Addressing to @subwaycreatures (an Instagram account that features those special characters one can meet on the subway) Joey wrote, “y’all know I love ya in a special way, and I know no one is falling down the stairs or screaming at anyone, but here’s a literal different culture to balance it out.”

Throw Back Thursday

Donnie Wahlberg Sends a Message to the Haters (while Safe and Sound on the ground)

Posted on Twitter, Jan 10, 2019

And on Blue Bloods’ Friday…

Tons of tweets from Donnie interacting with fans. Take a look on the next page!

“Give what it is that you seek.”
@DonnieWahlberg, Jan 7, 19