NKOTB’s “Bring Back The Time” Song Review: More Than a Song, An Experience

NKOTB’s new single, “Bring Back The Time”, featuring Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley and En Vogue, has been finally released at 12am on this NKOTBT day, and the main thing I want the world to know is: “If you don’t like it when a song gets stuck in your head all day long, do NOT listen to this song”

However, if this is one of those days when you need a team of coaches cheering for you and the success you’re looking forward to achieve today: “put your headphones on and play it on a loop”

NKOTB’s new single is not only about bringing back the time; it literally takes you back in time. Every, and I mean “every” single sound in this song is from the 80s; the rhythm, the mix, the voices! It is a trip, folks…

I was on my stationary bike, first thing in the morning, when I took a deep breath and gathered the courage to listen to it because, truth to be told, I was afraid… My ADHD can build up some big expectations that when are not satisfied, can block me for hours, a day, or more. And I had high expectations about this one.

It’s not that I don’t trust NKOTB is going to make great music; It’s just that when I listened to their previous single, “House Party” (which was released during the quarantine to cheer us up), I thought, “Thank you; but you didn’t have to.”

Now, this new single, that was written by Donnie Wahlberg and Lars Halvor Jensen? Produced by Deekay Music, Donnie Wahlberg and Big Bad Beats? With the voices of the New Kids On The Block, Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley and En Vogue? Needless to say, the waiting for it built up within me a container of high, very high expectations.

So I hit “play”, and from the very first second I thought, “This is gonna be goooood”… Then Rick Astley’s voice pop-up and I smiled like a teenage girl in-front of her first crush ☺️.

I continued pedaling, and when I heard the beginning of the chorus, “Bring-Back-The-Time”, I was sucked into to a screening of Marty McFly grabbing the trunk of the car in those very first minutes of “Back To The Future”; The Goonies on their bikes going down the road…Yes, the song took me way back than “eigthy nine”…

And then, THEN, I heard, “let’s go, let’s go,” and suddenly I was pedaling like crazy feeling I was jumping in an aerobics’ class looking like a florescent popsicle with a bandana on my head.

I was supposed to work out for only thirty minutes, just to drain the coffee enema I wake up with; I have a playlist to do so; but now, I was listening to a song on a loop … and when my legs began to hurt I realized I had been pedaling for fifty minutes.

I thought, “Well, this is probably going to be one those challenging days for my ADHD brain.” But no, I am so pumped up by NKOTB’s new single that I feel I could keep pedaling and running all day long while chatting with some CEO for a million dollar deal.



So, happy NKOTBT day, BHs! Besides being one to celebrate NKOTB’s new work and to – yes – get suck into a bubble for a while to cope with everything that’s happening in the world, this is a day to be more than proud of our boys.

Thank you Rick Astley, En Vogue, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Deekay Music for joining the New Kids On The Block in a song that, more than that, is a freaking experience.


Stream “Bring Back The Time”

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