NKOTB’s Holiday Potluck – Stream Guide to Watch

So many things happened! So many anecdotes, laughs and even tears! On Sunday we spent an hour and a half with the New Kids, who were dressed up for the occasion (Joey was even wearing a tie! How sweet is that? ????)

We recalled the old days of the “Merry, Merry Christmas” album; Joey made a special video with one of the songs from his solo album “Coming Home for Christmas”; Danny cooked; and Donnie… Donnie wrapped it up with a bang ???? (oh BH, you WILL cry; or did you already?)

In case you missed it or you couldn’t watch it, here’s a guide so you can go straight to your favorite part today, on your coffee break.

Sounds good? ????

Checking in: Where are the New Kids At?

First things first! We haven’t seen the guys since the Fenway stream and, according to them, they are doing “great.”

At the beginning of stream clip Jon mentions that he and Harley moved in March (which we knew), and that they moved again two weeks ago at a new house (which we didn’t know; the place seems like a Manhattan apartment though) 

Donnie “moved out of the basement,” where he used to connect from; he’s currently living in St. Charles and traveling to New York where he’s shooting the new season of Blue Bloods. 

Joey is back in the east in Cape Cod, and during the stream he announced he was going to be making ornaments to give away; Danny and Jordan looked they were in their homes (in Miami and Milton, respectively; well, you know that!)

That being said, let’s get this part started!

Jordan Knight Is Getting Puppies!

Jordan’s dog – who was around twelve years old – died and he said it was “heartbreaking” to lose him; therefore, to brighten up the holidays, the family is about to receive two new members: two mini poodles puppies which are going be named “Milo” and “Luna.” 

Jump to 6.33 to watch Jordan talking about it.

Reminiscing About The Christmas Album

Of course, they talked about their album “Merry, Merry Christmas” (released in 1989) which they recorded while being on tour in hotel rooms, as we know.

Donnie explained the record company had asked them to make one Christmas album and he believes it’s like a rite of passage for every boyband to do one. Joey recalls how Donnie was producing “Funky, Funky Xmas,” while the rest were trying to figure out their parts in the song; and also, how festive it was to perform the song on tour.

Jump to 18.40 to watch an old school performance.

This One’s For The Children

Danny Wood, who believes that it never made sense – to him – to have this song in the album, remembers Maurice saying, “What does this have to do with Christmas?” And he asked the guys, “Do any of you guys play our Christmas album in Christmas time?” 

Jump to 28.31 to watch this part, their answers and learn about Donnie’s tradition

The Christmas Photo Shoot

Donnie recalls how they dressed up for the photo shoot (with Red Sock shirts and green letterman jackets) and that the record company  was “mortified” and made them re do it; they were even yelled, “Get on the sled!”

And well, you know how the cover looks turned out…

Jump to 35.27 to watch a behind the scenes at the “All State Arena.”

NKOTB’s Performing “Funky, Funky Christmas” at Arsenio Hall

Jared invited the guys to recall the second time the New Kids On The Block were invited to perform at Arsenio Hall (at 39.29). According to Donnie, back then they felt that the first time they’ve performed at Arsenio’s they didn’t give their best; so – for the second time – they decided to redeem themselves with “Funky, Funky Xmas,” which is the reason why Jon didn’t performed (because he didn’t rap ????????‍♀️) 

This was a huge opportunity for them because, as Donnie says,  they turned to Arsenio when the lip-sync controversy happened and he let them come back to sing and put an end to it.

Jump to 43.57 to watch the performance At Arsenio Hall (very nice quality)

Never Seen Footage: Watching Arsenio Hall in the Dressing Room

That performance at Arsenio Hall was pretaped and the guys had a concert that night; so, the young New Kids gathered in the dressing room to watch the show.

Jared and his team have recovered old tapes from those days, and they shared with us that one special moment… ???????????? (you’ll feel your teenage self coming back to life, BH)

Jump to 54.27 for never seen footage (to die for)

Joey Sang, and Made a Family Christmas Clip

Joey McIntyre discovered iMovie in Twenty Twenty (his words!), thus he put together a beautiful clip singing “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, a song from his “Coming Home for Christmas” solo album (which Danny has on his Christmas playlist!).

A must watch with tissues in hand!

Jump to 1.02.57 to watch Joey’s clip

Cooking With Danny (Finally, food!)

With his mom’s handwritten and laminated recipe of her “coffee cake”, we can watch Danny walking us through the ingredients and… how to make the cake!

Jump to 1.06.15 to cook with Danny (and to discover Jordan was not aware of it!)

Jared’s already been on Danny’s Show and Donnie is going to be one of the next guests of “The Wood Works” in 2021. If you haven’t done it yet, head over to Danny’s YouTube Channel and subscribe!

Donnie’s Surprise: The Release of “Waiting For You”

Donnie wanted to put something together for us, “outside of the stream, just a message of hope for all of us to get together soon.” Donnie tears up explaining what this video means, his vision of the twenty twenty, and Jon cries watching it…

Needless to say, you may need those tissues again for this part.

Jump to 1.15.08 to watch Donnie introducing the video, and the video.

(*) You can also watch the video on NKOTB’s YouTube Channel

Another Message of Hope

By the end of the stream Jared said, “As soon as it’s possible, we’ll be back out on the road making plans to come near your city as soon as we can make it happen (…) we’re working hard on when it’s safe to re schedule a cruise.” 



Enjoy the stream and… dream on…


Joey’s Ornament’s Winners

Here are the winners of Joey’s ornaments:

Danny’s Recipe

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Donnie Potluck Video

The New Kids posted Donnie’s video as a clip apart this stream on their YouTube Channel.