Remix a New Kid!

As I said earlier today on Twitter, I woke up and saw the notifications for the blog were on fire and I thought, “JK again?” That was a really bad day… But, it wasn’t JK, it was “Juliana.”

How cool is it to wake up and see BHs having fun?

Using the Face App and – apparently – still celebrating NKOTB’s “10” anniversary, Juliana and more BHs created hilarious clips remixing the New Kids on Saturday night; but, by Sunday morning we needed two more… until you guys made it! (*)

(*) This post have been updated. Links to tweets and mentions at the bottom!

Joe Mac: The First Remix

It all started with Juliana wondering, “What if Joey McIntyre decides to play Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious? I like the #remix, babe!,” and shared: this

Jordan Knight: A Travolta Remix

Then Nicky gave us Jordan Knight as John Travolta and said (geez girl!) that she had made it months ago but couldn’t bring herself to post it. Why, girl; why?!?!?

Adrian and Chris (better known as Rattail) believe this is the winner!

Danny Wood: Jim Carry’s Remix

Naomi joined the fun with a version of Danny Wood as Jim Carry in Ace Ventura (I’d die to see Danny’s reaction to this one)

Joe Mac: The Second Remix

My favourite so far, is another one by Juliana, in which we see “her and Joey” as Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze (??) in Dirty Dancing.

I mean, who haven’t dreamed about this? I was going to enter my Quinceañera’s Party doing that choreography with my best friend… but I didn’t… Regrets I have none! Except for this one.

Jon First Remix: Superman!

Juliana did it again….

I replied to Juliana (or retweeted, whatevs) that I actually thought, “If I had the app, I would make Jon as Superman,” but something is off… The hair is perfect, but it’s like he’s not dirty enough… (You know what I mean!)

Jon Second Remix: Johnny Deep!

Then Mel jumped in and gave a bad ass Jon…

I say, “yes, yes, yes.” In fact, this is one of the clips I can’t stop watching. “I got some new rule, sucker.” That’s freaking hilarious.

Donnie’s First Remix

Kriss! Another new friend! She made what I call “Donnie on steroids,” and – as I mentioned on Twitter – even though it’s hilarious, he says no to drugs!

Donnie’s Second Remix: Harrison Ford

And then Mel did it again!

It’s a mix of Harrison of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and Star Wars… But as Dr. Henry Jones Jr…

I absolutely believe (yes, I do) that we can send this to … Disney? and get him an audition for the next Indiana Jones. Seriously! Don’t you see/ want / desperately need Donnie as the next Indiana Jones?!?

Anyways, thank you all for having joined the fun! I haven’t laughed so hard in I don’t know how long, and I really needed a day like this; well, didn’t we all? And huge thanks to Juliana – whom I grew to know over the past months – for starting this. I think it’s the funniest day we had so far at the blog.

You guys are awesome!

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