Salt-N-Pepa New Movie: “Push It!”

On Sunday night, Jonathan Knight said on Twitter he had cried after watching the Salt-N-Pepa movie, and that’s probably when many of us found out about this new film.

Sandra Denton (Salt) and Cheryl James (Pepa), have been with the Block Nation not only since the good old days but also with their music on NKOTB cruises. On 2019, we had the chance to see them touring with the New Kids On The Block at the “Mixtape Tour.”

They have an inspiring story to tell, and so they did with their new movie “Push It!”. Jon Knight tweeted,

Cried watching the #SaltNPepaMovie Such amazing women. They have been through so much, and are still as iconic today as they were decades ago. @DaRealPepa @DaOnlySalt ❤️

@JonathanRKnight, Jan 24, 2021

Salt-N-Pepa’s movie “Push It!” premiered on Jan 23, on LifeTime.

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