Donnie Wahlberg is Detective Eric Matthews in Saw II

Oct 28, 2005. The second chapter of the “Saw” Franchise was released in theaters in the United States, with Donnie Wahlberg in the main role as Eric Matthews.

Wahlberg’s first appearance on SAW, was in a pseudo-documentary (to promote the franchise) “Full Disclosure Report: Piecing Together Jigsaw” (Oct 31, 2005), that takes place between the events of Saw and Saw II.

Storyline. Detective Eric Matthews, along with fellow police officers and a SWAT Team, locate Jigsaw’s lair and go to arrest him, but discover that his arrest is only a part of Jigsaw’s plan. Matthews soon learns that eight people are trapped in an old house and are playing one of Jigsaw’s games. One of them is his own son, Daniel Matthews. Eric learns that if he wants to see his son again, he must play one of Jigsaw’s games as well.— Rebekah Swain

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