That Time I Interviewed Donnie Wahlberg (Kind of)

The New Kids On The Block announced the Total Package Tour on the Today Show, and I was there! And I got to interview Donnie! (kind of)

I said “kind of!” I cannot believe this day! My first year living in New York and I got to witness the announcement of an incredible tour and talked to Donnie, on video!

It was raining cats and dogs, and I took the metro at 630am (I’m living in the Bronx!) just to get that spot; the rain is always a good sign for the BH family, right?

Before the New Kids On The Block’s appearance on the Today Show, along with – drum roll please – Boys II Men and Paula Abdul! (minus one New Kid) Donnie came out and greeted as many fans as he could.

This has been the best NKOTB year of my life; what I experienced at that epic concert in Coney Island, the Mixtape Festival (and my first press pass!) and the cruise!

I’m so blessed… wishing you are as well.

Update. Nov 15, 2017

Here’s another clip to celebrate that day… Gosh, I remember it so vividly! My accent got better, btw.