That Time I Interviewed Donnie Wahlberg (Sort of)

I said “sort of!” I cannot believe this day! On my first months of living in New York, I got to witness the announcement of an incredible NKOTB tour AND talked to Donnie Wahlberg “on video”!

This morning it was raining cats and dogs, but the rain is always a good sign for the BH family, right? Since the ride from Bronx (which I’m loving!) is quite long, I took the bus to the metro at 630, and then the metro to “the city” (that’s how people call Manhattan here) with all the hope of getting a nice spot. And I got it!

Before the New Kids On The Block’s appearance on the Today Show, alongside with – drum roll please – Boys II Men and Paula Abdul! (minus one New Kid) Donnie came out – loving the rain and us – and greeted as many fans as he could.

And I… I got my first interview! (sort of; I said it before!) Watch!

This has been the best NKOTB year of my life; what I experienced at that epic concert in Coney Island, and then at the Mixtape Festival (with my first press pass!) and then on the cruise from New Orleans!

I am so blessed… wishing you are as well.

Update. Nov 15, 2017

Here’s another clip to celebrate that day… Gosh, I remember it so vividly! My accent got better, btw.