The Manscaping Theory, With Danny Wood (Hear, Hear!)

On the 14th episode of “The Wood Works”, Danny Wood- as he was going through the recipe of his “Mediterranean Shrimp and Chicken Sausage” – stirred more than one pot. He shared some personal stories… and put the New Kids on the spotlight.

If you haven’t watched “The Wood Works” yet (perhaps because you’re not into cooking?) this episode may change your mind. While Danny cooks, he does a great job hosting the show, sharing stories and anecdotes with humor; but this time, as he was explaining why manscaping is “a must,” I believe he won an standing ovation from women all over the world.

Allow me to explain.

Manscaping Means Shaving Pubic Hair

If you didn’t know what the word meant, now you do; and that is what we’re gonna talk about today, ladies and gents. We cover pop culture, music, TV shows, cooking, design! So why not talk about our … “vaginas and penises.”

Quick Pause

Do parents still come up with weird names for our “private parts”? You know, when I was a child, my foster mother used to tell me I had a “palomita” between my legs which means “little dove;” that was its name; saying vagina, I guess, was a ticket to the confessionary. But, since eventually I discovered that it couldn’t actually fly, I displumed the little thing! Now I can see it in all its glory and what she was born to do. ?

Thinking about this I found a cool blog post at “Self” with “15 Vagina Facts That Would Make Penises Jealous,” and I’ll give you two girl:

  1. The vagina can stretch to three times its original size, in girth;
  2. And it can grow nearly 50 percent in length.

Yup. So, say vagina out-loud with no shame because it can do wonders (well, we know that… but it just feel so good to say it; doesn’t it?)

Back to Shaving Pubic Hair

Yes! Pubic hair! Pubic Hair! Pubic hair! ?

During the 14 episode of “The Wood Works,” somehow the topic came up and Danny tried to hold himself back… but eventually he couldn’t, and he had to talk about manscaping and the fact that “some New Kids” are new to it.

(Jump with this link to min 10.25 if you want to go straight to this part)

He says he’s been doing it for almost three decades and he wonders why it is a new thing; he also mentions he has friends, whose names he wouldn’t share ? and to whom manscaping is very new. Danny is the mayor of manscaping! He says,

“You’re supposed to be thoughtful, man; specially the married people and the couples; you’re supposed to think of the other person; do you want them going through that hazard? It’s a dangerous area. And, like, why would you want your significant other to get pubic hairs in their teeth? I don’t get it.”

Danny Wood, Feb 9, 2021. The Wood Works. Ep. 1:14

Yes; we applaud him; we THANK him; this should be a whole other episode on the Wood Works!

Full disclosure: when I see a man hasn’t been taking care of his… “garden”, my vagina literally shrinks and yells, “Nope! Call the gardener and I’ll see you tomorrow, buddy! Zip it up!” #SorryNotSorry

Needless to say… The Wood – totally – Works ??


Late at night, Joey showed up on Twitter saying, “Did not see the manscaping coming… I’m off my DWood game! Also is there a substitute for chicken that will work for the sausage? And finally, Is the sausage being manscaped?” [TW]

The Wood Works. Ep. 1:14