The Story Behind the Mysterious Mixtape Tour 2022 Box

I am conflicted. I don’t know if this is too easy and ergo a misleading clue, or if the New Kids On The Block are actually leaving hints for us to find; OR, if Joey McIntyre was too busy trying to shock us for the rest of the week with that crazy hair and those piercing eyes when he snapped “the” selfie… C’mon!

Ok. Let’s get straight to it. But first ?: if you’re not following @nkotbnews on Twitter: one, who are you?!? And two, “do it now.” I am not made for social media; I blog; @nkotbnews, however, has a master degree on tweeting all things NKOTB.

That being said, there’s an account on Twitter (@olv) that shares TV & movie filming locations, which is … super cool. On Sep 18, a woman tweeted to OLV,

Saw @DonnieWahlberg yesterday. He was holding a box under his left arm and said to me, “There’s mixtape tour stuff in this box. We’ll be announcing in 2 weeks – there’s new people we’re adding. You’ll like it.”

Athea @MsThea15

So, @nkotbnews picked up the tweet and shared it, and all the buzz started to grow bigger than ever.

I didn’t share it on the blog because… who doesn’t follow @nkotbnews?

But, this morning I saw Michelle had posted some serious PI discovery; take a look:

Honestly, I couldn’t shake off the joy and all the excitement behind this tweet, so I had to write about it. You guys don’t miss a thing! How on earth are the boys going to surprise us?

Anyways, before I leave you screaming and jumping, allow me to say: one of the things I don’t do (just saying if you’re new following the blog) is to share hints that are actually spoilers. For instance, a few years ago we were waiting for a cruise announcement and someone leaked the new port and destination, and it broke my heart… because I love surprises! So, I didn’t post it.

But this… This is way too much fun, and it’s everywhere!

So we’re saving it in the blog so that one day we can recall how obsessed we were, after the pandemic, to reunite with our BH friends and our five brothers, and how eager we were about finding confetti in our bras again.

And… I’m out! ✌??