The Wanderer, Starring Joey McIntyre, Has a New date!

As the United States starts to re-open, we begin receiving new dates for all the performances that had to be postponed. “The Wanderer”, a new play starring Joey McIntyre, had to postponed twice; but now we’ve got the final date.

Tickets are available

Joey McIntyre shared the news about his participation in this play on ET back on December, 2019; then on February 2020, after a reading – and while Griffin was getting ready for his new show on Netflix – he streamed live to tell us more about it.

But, a month later, he was letting us know the play had been postponed; and a few days later, The Wanderer’s account on Twitter announced the new dates for April 8 through May 9, 2021. However, that couldn’t happen either.

On October 2020, Joey told People he was going to perform on another play as well, “Radio Galaxy,” but he didn’t mention anything about the premieres.

Now, this past Wednesday, Joey shoot his “Namaste clip” from New Jersey, which gave us the hint ?.

On May 18th,, informed “Initial casting has been announced for The Wanderer, a new musical based on the life of Dion DiMucci, making its world premiere at Paper Mill Playhouse, March 24-April 24, 2022″ Finally on Sep 9, tickets were released.

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