“Translating” Joey McIntyre’s Tweets (By Request)

When I decoded Joey’s and Nick’s tweets regarding the Super Bowl, I asked you to get ready for more sport talk, hoping we were prepared to understand them. #mybad

Joe McIntyre and son Griffin, at the 2015 Super Bowl. Feb 01, 2015

You know what’s funny? “Translating” is how I started this blog; back in 2012, Twitter didn’t have the option to translate to another language, so I opened this blog in Spanish with that purpose: to translate NKOTB’s tweets. And now… Well, it seems I’m doing it again; this time though, from Macnglish to English.

4am. Monday morning. I sat down at my desk with my coffee, as I do everyday, to go through the New Kids On The Block social networks; but my twitter notifications were on… and I couldn’t help myself. So I took a peak, and I found this:

In response to a tweet from Joey with hashtags such us “flumbe-something” and “propbet-huh,” @rattailnkotb answered to him,

“This is like a foreign language to me Joey- I do not know what one single thing in this tweet means…”

And then @ju_apolonio replied to her,

“Nevermind. Laly probably is gonna “translate” it later when she publishes on @NKOTBTheBlog I can’t either understand a thing but love Joe anyway lol”

That made me laugh and spit out my coffee, so my cats took over…

Macnglish 101

Truth to be told, I cannot count the times I don’t reply to Joe because I’m like, “huh? There must be a typo in that tweet. Am I still human?” And “that” is one of the reasons why I write this blog ????

Ok, enough with the intro! Let’s get to it.

Something About a Plumber and a Probate Baby?

That’s what came to my mind first; “I shit you not.” Sunday night, watching the Super Bowl, Joey tweeted,

Somebody get me the odds on a #fumbleruskie #propbet I’m all over it! SBLV Go #TB12!!! #7 comin’ up!

@JoeyMcIntyre, Feb 7, 2021

Basically, Joey wanted to know this: What were the chances of the quarterback doing a “trick play”? And it seems he was into betting that Tom Brady was going to do it.

A Fumblerooski is that; “a trick play;” I’m not going to bore you with this, so hit Fumblerooski on Wikipedia if you wanna learn what it is about. Then, “PropBet” comes from “Proposition Bet;” in gambling, wikipedia says, “is a bet made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game (usually a gambling game) of an event not directly affecting the game’s final outcome.”

Finally, “#7 comin’ up”? You know this! (we covered it in Lesson 1) Everybody was waiting for Tom Brady to win his seventh Super Bowl… which he did (so.. “yay?”)

Gronk Who?

Joey’s second tweet, mentioned a pass from Tom Brady to “Rob Gronkowski.” He said,

Brady to Gronk in the SuperBowl: Somewhere in the world all is well!!!

@JoeyMcIntyre, Feb 07, 2021

Was that the trick play he was waiting for? Maybe… What’s truly important regarding this tweet, is the clip @MINAJWORK added in response ????:

“I Wanna Say Something But I Won’t?”

… honestly…

Back To Nick!

Finally, Joey replied (again) to Nick latest tweet:

Now, I believe I’m entitled to some cake… A cake emoji on the comments will do; I have a plugin installed on this blog that turns cake emojies into real cake (it comes out through the USB port; amazing)

… And…, I’m out!

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