Up Next This Week: Two Zooming With NKOTB, a New Bracket and Meditation with Joe Mac

Who’d knew a quarantine would keep us so busy? Here’s what’s coming up next, this week.

On Tuesday and Sunday: Zooming With NKOTB

We were expecting the second Zooming to be streamed on Wednesday, but plans have changed and they are even better! This week we’ll spend some time – on YouTube and Facebook – on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 07. 4.00PM PT / 7.00PM ET
  • Saturday 11. 12.00PM PT / 3.00PM ET

On Saturday: Meditation, Prayer and Chat With Joe Mac

After Joey meditated and chatted with us this past Saturday, he said he was planning to do the same every week (every Saturday at 8.00AM PT / 11.00AM ET)

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Stay Tune For a New Bracket

Donnie announced on Sunday night on twitter, that a new bracket is coming up this week.

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