Valentine’s Day On The Block

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? Did you send a Valentine’s gram to the New Kids On The Block to be featured in their Instagram Stories? I did not! ????????‍♀️

Anyways, here’s how they expressed their love for us on this special day..


First on Twitter, the New Kids said, “Happy #ValentinesDay, Blockheads! Love you all forever. ????” as they shared a short clip of “Valentine Girl” which we need to watch entirely ????


Danny Wood showed up at noon to announce a surprise; he published a special episode at “The Wood Works,” sharing his mom’s favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies ????

Also missing their better half…

Donnie and Jenny couldn’t spend together Valentine’s Day, so she took the sweetest selfie for him, which he retweeted:


Joey sang a cappella “My Funny Valentine” and published it on his Instagram Stories… and we were like….

And Of Course, Spreading Some Love…

35 minutes before Valentine’s Day was over (in Donnie’s time zone), he started giving away roses to God knows how many BHs… But there’s one particular rose that melted my heart:

“but your wait is over”… Come on!!!

And The Greatest Gift

Thanks to Team Betty United, we’ve raised 10,000 dollars for Remember Betty’s Foundation! The winner of Danny Wood’s Bruin’s T-shirt (which he wore during the Mixtape Tour) was Felicia L.

via NKOTB Instagram Stories, Feb 14, 2021

Congrats Felicia!

And Happy Valentine’s Day (again) to you all ????