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This March, ahead of the fourth season of “Very Scary People” on HLNTV, we’ll get a scary experience upgraded, since Donnie Wahlberg is narrating a series about the “Amityville Murders.”

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Trailer. March 4, 2022

#1 Small Town Murder. March 18, 2022

After Ron DeFeo Jr. finds his parents and younger siblings dead in their Amityville, New York, home, police begin to search for the killer. Host Donnie Wahlberg and local journalist Joel Martin revisit that horrific evening in 1974, the crime scene and the investigation — all in hopes of answering a question heavy on residents’ minds: “Who would murder an entire family in the dead of night?”

#2 Meet The DeFeos. March 18, 2022

As the community reels from the shocking DeFeo murders, residents pack an Amityville church to mourn the loss of the family. Host Donnie Wahlberg dives deep into DeFeo history, only to find out that this picture-perfect family had very violent secrets.

#3 Mob Ties. March 25, 2022

As police continue their search for the killer of the DeFeos in Amityville, they discover the family’s connections to organized crime. Host Donnie Wahlberg reveals how these mob ties came to light. It’s a turning point in the case which brings police one step closer to their top suspect.

#4 The Confession. April 1, 2022

Amityville detectives shift all their attention to a single suspect in the murders of the DeFeo family: the oldest son, Ron DeFeo Jr. Following hours of intense interrogation, the sole surviving family member breaks. But Ron Jr.’s confession dredged up new details, complicated questions, and more secrets.

#5 The People v. Ronald DeFeo Jr. April 8, 2022

Nearly a year after the grisly Amityville murders, Ron “Butch” DeFeo Jr.’s fate would rest in the hands of a New York jury. But even in front of a judge, Ron Jr. was a chameleon; his story continued to evolve. One conflicted juror recounts the disturbing trial while host Donnie Wahlberg considers the question: Will the inconsistencies in Ron Jr.’s story spare him from life behind bars?