Joey McIntyre Says “Hello, Broadway!” As He Joins the Cast of “Waitress, The Musical”

Have you ever dreamed about playing doctor with Joey McIntyre? Of course you did, Blockhead! Now, since he’s married and he cannot make that dream come true for you, he is gonna show you how he plays it 😉

For a limited time only, ladies and gents, the talented Joe Mac is going to join the cast of “Waitress”, a musical brought to life by an all-female creative team with four Tony nominations. Joey will perform from February 5 to April 7, ending a month before the Mixtape Tour begins… Are you doing your math? Is your wallet sweating and crying? Put some clonazepam inside one of its pockets… it always does the job for mine.

Are you hesitating because you are not a fan of “Broadway and all those people singing? (But OMG Joey will be there)” Fair enough… Let’s talk about what you’ll see; let’s talk about “Jenna”, a waitress trapped in an abusive marriage who finds herself pregnant, and sad and defeated pays a visit to her gynecologist… only to find out that there is a cute doctor instead, who’ll make her feel butterflies in her belly again… Are you hooked? … Now, what if that doctor, that Prince Charming, were played by our very own Joe Mac?…


Ok; you were hooked when you read, “Joey McIntyre”, but please bear with me for a second. “Waitress, the musical”, is based on the film “Waitress” (2007) written by Adrienne Shelly, and besides the book, music and lyrics, it is mandatory! to learn how and why Adrienne conceived this story; please go to Waitress The Musical Official Website, and scroll down to learn why and how Adrienne Shelly wrote the film… You’ll get the goosebumps, and you will rush to get another ticket for a second show.

The book for the musical came to us from the hands of Jessie Nelson, and the music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles. At the official website, we can read a quote from Variety, which describes the play as, “A delicious tale that’s not simply about getting Prince Charming, but getting its heroine to take action and discover her worth!”

February 5 to April 7, remember those are the dates to see Joey play doctor/prince charming, and dancing in his “salsa” in his beloved Broadway. Alaska was too far away, right?

Grab your ticket at Ticketmaster! And please visit Adrienne Shelly Foundation to honor Adrienne’s memory and support ASF’s critical artistic mission.

Here is what Joey and the New Kids said on Twitter. “The doctor” says this could be a “last minute christmas gift from the hubby”… (ha! yeah. Play the “they are my brothers, baby” card, and you’ll be just fine)