Watch! Joey McIntyre Visiting Griffin in Hollywood

Griffin is now back in LA, making his own way as an actor in a new Netflix show, and even though – as Joey said – he is in good hands, paying him a visit during a “theatrical break” was a must.

Joey wrapped it up with “Twelfth Night” at the Two River Theatre just a couple of weeks ago; in fact, he sent Griffin on his first big quest to LA just a few days before that. Then, after having gotten his new aligners, he flew to LA to check on the kid ???? young man.

The first update we got from Joey was on Wednesday, when he showed us that Griffin is shooting at the historic Sunset Bronson Studios, leased by Netflix on 2017.

Joey shared the news on his Instagram stories, saying “Griff’s new show in good company,” and pointing out shows like Soul Train (a music-dance television program, which aired from 1971-2006) and the “Donny and Marie Show” (a variety show from the Osmond brothers, which aired for three years starting in 1976)

Joey McIntyre / IG Stories, Feb 12, 2020

Two days later, he tried to get Griffin to shoot a “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” clip (since they won’t probably get the chance to spend it together), but … it didn’t seem to have turned out as expected…

On Saturday, father and son hit the Melrose Avenue and Joey shoot a clip while he was driving; “I know it’s dangerous – he said – but I don’t care.”

I’m sorry to say, that I completely agree; when you’re in your car and you can have a “Jerry McGuire – Free Falling” kind of moment, that’s a thing one cannot miss. In Joey’s words, “there is a loophole- if the song is a rock n roll classic and the band is named after your hometown and you’re driving a convertible down Melrose in Los Angeles after two years of grinding in New York, it’s totally ok.”