What’s Your Favorite Character on “The Crown”? Joey Answers

I was going to save this #TwitterTalk for the Weekly Update, but it is just too juicy. If you haven’t watched “The Crown” on Netflix, you are not doing the quarantine as you should (or maybe you don’t have Netflix… Ask for a friends’ password!)

The four seasons are incredible; the acting, the script, the direction… everything is flawless. And they are all so different! Even though it’s a “tv show” we get to learn a lot; after watching Season 1 for instance, and thanks to the amazing performance of John Lithgow, I couldn’t stop reading about Winston Churchill for a week (ok, I’m a Hyperactive Neurodivergent – you may know it as ADHD-, but still)

On Season 2, we see a little bit more of the family dynamic; the episodes on Season 3 are like different chapters of a history book; and Season 4 and Diana… #breathtaking.

Anyways, enough of my insights. We’re here because Joey finished watching “The Crown” on Tuesday, and he headed on to twitter to express how he felt about the series. He posted,

“Y’all know I’m often late to the party: I just finished @TheCrownNetflix ????❤️ I simply can’t with those brits! I can’t pick a favorite- too many! British actors hit different. And that’s an understatement. So good!!!!”

The next day, he engaged into a twitter talk with some BHs.

@SimplyShannon said, “The entire series is excellent- as are the cast, but I was especially impressed with Claire Foy”, to which Joey replied,

“Crazy about her. At the moment I’m obsessed with #EmmaCorrin as Diana. I mean…”

So, Claire Foy Vs Emma Corrin. What’s your choice? About Emma, @moonrayving commented, “Amazing how she embodies Diana, isn’t it?” and Joey added,

“Oh, the held tilt to one side with the eyes looking the other way?? Nailed it!! As well as everything thing else”

Spolier alert: on a personal note, the scene where Diana (Emma) is skating alone with her headphones in the casttle… that is one moment, perfectly performed and directed that says a thousand words; how young she was, how lonely she was feeling. It is just mind-blowing and heartbreaking.

Finally, @hannablossom brought the performance of Olivia Colman (the Queen on S3 and S4) to the table saying, “My favourite is #OliviaColman as the Queen ???? she is fantastic!!! Especially the episode with the intruder.” Joey answered,

“I could retweet all day. Yes Olivia is a legit queen herself.”

I must add, that episode, the scene with intruder has so much class that one can imagine that it could have been the way it really happened.

So, what do you think? I think I’ll watch the entire show again.