Where Are the New Kids on the Block?

The Mixtape Tour is about to kick off on May 10, in Cincinnati (OH), and the New Kids On The Block seem to be scattered all over the US.

Where are they?

Mixtape Tour First Week of Rehearsals

On April 18, Donnie was letting us know he was – as we say – “in the lab” with Pam Chu cooking the creative aspects of the Mixtape Tour. Over the following days, choreographers Kevin Maher and Sunny Walters joined the team, as well as Jonathan Knight.

On April 29 and 30, respectively, Kevin Maher shared a happy Danny Wood dancing to the sound of Cher at a gas station, and Joey McIntyre – from what it seems to be an airport – was considering a sign the fact the Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” was sounding.

Sunny Walters let us know, through her Instagram Stories, that April 30th was the last day of rehearsals, “for now.”

These Days…

Joey McIntyre

On Tuesday Joey posted one of his “Namaste stories”, apparently from Cold Water (MI), which is approximately 250 miles away from Cincinnati (where the Mixtape Tour is going to kick off)

Joey just finished a successful time in the theater with the world premiere of “The Wanderer”, which… is going to Broadway!

Donnie Wahlberg

Also on Tuesday, Donnie posted from the TD Garden in Boston, where he attended the Celtics game with his son Elijah.

Donnie Wahlberg and Son Elijah at a Celtics Game. 5/03/22. Donnie and Elijah Wahlberg cheer up for the Celtics and a man they know very well, Jaylen Brown.

Jonathan Knight

Last spotted in Boston too!

On Monday night, he was at his farm picking up tulips for Harley and for him. Previously, over the weekend, the couple attended Tod Rick’s concert at the Wilbur.

And Jordan Knight?


Through May 4th to May 10th, Live Nation celebrates “Concert Week” along with the New Kids on the Block, with tickets for the Mixtape Tour at $ 25.

May 10, is also the deadline to donate to Remember Betty for the great cause they work on and the chance to win Mixtape Tour tickets.